A Recipe to See The Fae

A Recipe to See The Fae

On a Dawn morning or Evening dusk, find a special bottle, a pretty one that the fae will love.

Pour into it the following:

1 cup spring or rain water

1 teaspoon of Pink Rose Petals

½ teaspoon Lavender flowers

Add 3 quartz crystals

Add 3 amethyst chips

1 pinch of Faery sugar

Nine inch piece of pink ribbon

Hide this away in a dark place for three days. On the third day, again at dawn or dusk, in a place you think you might spot the Fae, like an Oak tree, backyard or mushroom patch in the forest. Even a potted plant, herb, or flower will do. Tie a nine inch piece of Pink ribbon around bottle neck. Next, close your eyes and spinkle 9 drops over each eyelids of your “faery potion water,’ care not to get it in your eyes. Next recite thie incantation and watch for the Fae.

Ribbon of pink, I just might think,
I would like to see the Fae today.
Special sight of Faery’s flight,
Send to me the way today.
A sprinkle here a sprinkle there,
A secret spell I say today.
Wispy wings and little things,
Are what I’d like to see today.

Your Magickal Spell of the Day for June 15 – Ring and Ribbon Spell

Ring and Ribbon Spell

Are you ready to “tie the knot?” This spell strengthens the loving connection between you and your beloved.

Items You Will Need:

  • 2 rings
  • A piece of red or pink ribbon
  • A pen that writes on fabric

Best Time To Cast:

  • During the Waxing Moon
  • When the Sun or Moon is in Libra
  • On Fridays

The Spell:

  1. Write your name and your partner’s on the ribbon, along with a special loving wish.
  2. Slip the ribbon through the two rings and tie a knot, while you envision your wish coming true.
  3. Tie the ribbon and rings on your bedroom door.