Finally, Good Saturday Morn Or Afternoon I Should Say!

Left to Right: Mystie (holding the inside of the puter), Me (laughing my ass off) and finally, who is that? Hmm, heck if I know, somebody who like to have their pic took, I guess!

This was the picture at our office this morning. And I should also add this is what we think of Windows 8. But thanks to our skilled craftsmanship, we are not operating on a squirrel cage. The other two are out trying to find more squirrels in case this one get tired!

Anyway, I am running late enough. Let’s see if I can make up some time real quick.

Have a very Blessed & Relaxed Weekend, my precious family!

Luv & Hugs,

Lady A


A Colored Hat For All Reasons (Blood/Harvest Moon)

Use this spell to solve a specific problem.

You will need a comfortable chair and a hat. Use the color of hat that corresponds to the problem you want to ponder: white and purple for spiritual matters, pink for love, green for health, and blue and red for problems regarding business  or your life’s quest.

Sit down in your comfortable chair with your colored thinking hat by your side, and think about the problem for a few minutes. With both of your hands, place the hat on your head and say:

“Divine hat of wisdom
Give me insights into my problem.”

Relax in your chair by sitting back and taking several deep breaths. Imagine a bright light shining down from the hat into your mind. The light shines everywhere looking for the solution to your problem. Take several more deep breaths and sense yourself letting go of the problem and thinking of he best thing that happened to you today.

Set the hat near the head of your bed before you go to sleep. While drifting to sleep, give yourself the suggestion that the solution to our problem will be clear to you by morning.