Daily Feng Shui News for Jan. 29th – ‘Seeing Eye Dog Day’

I’m going to put a little twist on today’s ‘Seeing Eye Dog Day.’ If your dog loves to ride in the car with their head hanging out the window, from time to time you may notice that their eyes will get inflamed. Dampen a soft and lint free cloth and carefully clean out the dog’s eyes. Then place a drop of castor oil in each eye. Do this twice a day until the inflammation has gone away and the dog’s eyes are normal again. See, I told you — a new spin on ‘Seeing Eye’ dogs.

By Ellen Whitehurst for Astrology.com

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Calendar of the Sun for December 30th

Calendar of the Sun

30 Yulmonath

Obatala’s Day

Color: White
Elements: Earth and Air
Altar: Upon cloth of white set a cup of coconut milk, eight white candles, the figure of an elephant, a white flywhisk, a bowl of white rice, and eight white or clear stones.
Offerings: Rice and coconut milk.
Daily Meal: Coconut anything and rice.

Invocation to Obatala

Great White King
Great White Queen
Pure as the snow
On the tops of mountains,
To sit in your space
On your white cloth
Is to be in the high place
Of objectivity
And perfect justice.
To work with your hands
Is to create life anew
Being both father and mother
Being the healer of wounds
That has no gender
As healing has no gender.
To touch with your vision
Is to see past the flaws
And faults of your children
To a cleaner place of fairness
Upon the high unbroken snow.

Song: Mountain God

(The ritual should end with a round of drumming and dancing.)

[Pagan Book of Hours]

Lotions, Potions, & Other Useful Notions

Protection Oil

Protection Oils are used to anoint any manner of objects in order to
enhance the purity of spiritual vibrations. This one is best made on the Dark of the Moon.

1 dram-sized bottle

1/2 dram Sweet Almond Oil

3 drops Amber Oil

1 drop Jasmine Oil

7 drops Dark Musk Oil (Plain Musk may be substituted)

         5 drops Rue Oil

3 small pieces Dragon’s Blood Resin

1 pinch coarse Sea Salt

Add the ingredients and shake, to mix well, after each addition.

Elemental Balancing

Elemental Balancing


Take a bell and ring it three times saying, “Hear the Air.” Allow the sound to permeate through your body.

Hold your hand above the flame of a candle, close enough to feel the warmth and say, “Feel the Fire.” Allow that energy to penetrate throughout your body.

Sip from a bowl of water and absorb the cooling and refreshing feeling through your body before saying, “Taste the Water.”

Take a large stone and cup it in your hands. Hold it against the center of your chest and let it help ground you saying, “Feel the Earth.”

Place a drop of essential oil on your finger and then trace a circle on your forehead saying, “Blessed be, <NAME>, Child of the Gods.”



-Spread candies and coins around your house, especially in the corners of rooms.
-Wear coral, wash it with Holy Water and/or Coconut water (the liquid from a coconut)
to replenish it’s powers
-Bath in Laurel leaves
-Make a small mojo with equal portions of Pine Needles Lavender Laurel Geranium Leaves Patchouli
-keep under your pillow.