Cloud Scrying

Cloud Scrying

Most of us watch clouds form images at one time or another. It is as if we are guided to look up and watch the patterns unfold at a given time. Fluffy cumulous clouds bring messages, which sometimes seem to tell an unfolding story. While flying on an airplane, it is fun to watch the clouds from above as if celestial art. You may receive telepathic messages while watching cloud images, coming from a spirit guide.

Throughout history symbols of political or religious importance have been seen in the clouds. In A.D. 312 when Emperor Constantine was marching against the army of Maxentius at Rome, both he and his entire army saw a shining cross of light amid the clouds. It was said the cross contained the Greek words “By This Conquer”. Later that night Christ appeared to Constantine in his dreams bearing a cross in his hand ordering Constantine to have a military standard made in the same image. Under this standard his outnumbered army was victorious. Down through history entire military battles have been witnessed in the clouds.

Dragon of Air Chant

The following call or brief ritual are meant to be included in your other rituals, within a cast and sealed circle. They are used to add greater power to any spell working because they specifically call the elemental dragons of Spirit. This taps into a vast reservoir of power current which can amplify any other power raised within the magical circle.

Dragons of Air

Choose music that represents to you either storms or light, breezy conditions, depending upon the atmosphere you wish to create. Your dancing and singing should make you think of wind blowing across the land, stirring the plants, whistling over the mountain tops, pushing the clouds through the sky.

Note: Use candles or other objects of a pure yellow color. Choose herbs and oils that are listed as of the element of Air.
Repeat this chant three times:

Dragon Ruler of Wind and Cloud,

I call your secret Name aloud.

Sairys (sair-iss)! (Ring gong once)

Quicken my mind, renew my Life.

Grant me joy free from strife.

Sairys! (Ring gong once)

Clear Quartz Crystal Balls for Gazing

Clear Quartz Crystal Balls for Gazing

There is something very mysterious about a quartz crystal ball. They have an odd way of pulling your attention towards them. The crystal balls we have for sale are handcrafted from crushed quartz that is reformed and cut into a ball shape. The clear quartz crystal is then polished into a virtually flawless sphere. These clear crystal balls are not leaded crystal or glass. Many psychics and fortune tellers will buy crystal balls that are clear over natural quartz crystal balls as the inclusions of natural crystal can be a distraction and are extremely expensive.

Our quartz crystal balls include a rosewood stand, a silk storage box. We offer several sizes of crystal ball to fit any budget and books on crystal ball gazing to get you started.


How to use a crystal ball

  • crystal ball gazing, divination, fortunetelling or gazing for spiritual information
  • predicting the future
  • use a quartz crystal ball for energy healing
  • feng shui crystal ball to move stagnant energy or to bring positive chi energy to a room
  • in ritual to draw energy and for protection
  • beautiful conversation piece
  • buy crystal ball as a great gift idea

How to read a crystal ball

Before you can read a crystal ball, you should program it and do a dedication. You need to program your crystal ball or it becomes a useless dust collector. Through meditation, you set up the guidelines for communication between yourself and the ball. Quartz crystal is a very powerful crystal that is capable of being programmed, storing information, bridging the gap between spiritual dimensions and this material world. Quartz crystal is a powerful healer and can also be used in uncovering health issues.

Once you have programmed your crystal ball and have become familiar with it, you are ready to being crystal ball gazing.

Preparing for crystal ball gazing

  1. Place crystal ball on a table in a quiet room that will enable you to comfortably gaze upon it while seated.
  2. You should place a dark cloth over the table to cut down on reflections on the crystal ball.
  3. Lighting will be an issue you need to work out for yourself. Some like it totally dark. Others like crystal ball gazing by candlelight. Dimmed lights tend to open psychic channels… especially when darkness falls and the lives around you begins to settle in for the night. A dimmer switch is extremely useful in the room that you choose for gazing.
  4. Try to set the ball up so that it has as little reflections on it as possible.
  5. Many folks find that candlelight behind the ball is beneficial to crystal ball gazing.
  6. I recommend a tape recorder so you can tape your impressions as they may come quickly or be forgotten.
  7. I also recommend keeping a journal of your crystal ball gazing sessions. What doesn’t make sense now, may unfold later and you don’t want to overlook a good prediction!

Crystal ball gazing

This advice comes from Ted Andrews’ book ” Crystal Balls & Crystal Bowls “. I highly recommend Ted’s book for anyone who wants to learn how to use a crystal ball. What I have written below is a condensed and edited version. The book teaches you everything you need to know on how to use your crystal ball from programming, preparing to gazing and cleansing. I don’t endorse many books. This one gets 4 thumbs up.

  1. Sit comfortably in front of your crystal ball.
  2. Some folks may wish to begin with a prayer of protection and guidance.
  3. Remove the black cloth covering the crystal ball.
  4. Turn on your tape recorder.
  5. Take a few moments to breath deeply and relax.
  6. Pick up the crystal ball in your hands and gently caress it with your hands. If you are reading for someone, allow them to do the same so the ball can pick up their energy. Then take it back. You will be cleansing it afterwards so don’t worry about them filling the crystal with negativity.
  7. As you caress the crystal ball, envision it coming to life. Imagine that you have just turned it’s power on and have created a connection between your energy and that of the crystal ball.
  8. Do this for several minutes and return it to it’s stand.
  9. Find a place on the ball that attracts you and focus upon it. Look into the spot and yet beyond it.
  10. Envision that place as a doorway through which you can observe past, present and future events.
  11. Don’t stare at the crystal ball… just gently gaze as you would while star or cloud gazing.
  12. Just relax and keep your mind open. If it wanders, that’s ok. Follow it and see where it goes. If you are getting way off track, move beyond that thought and relax again.
  13. As you gain experience in crystal ball gazing, you can ask for guidance on specific questions or issues.
  14. In the beginning, keep you gazing sessions to 5 to 10 minutes long so as not to wear yourself out. You will get used to it with practice and be able to work for longer periods.
  15. While crystal ball gazing, pay close attention to your other senses. Gazing is not just done with the eyes. The quartz crystal ball is a bridge between the material and spiritual worlds. Your whole body is able to give you information. You may feel hot or cold. You may feel odd sensations that messages from spirit. You may smell aromas that may be pleasant like flowers or unpleasant like smoke (I had a spirit who identified himself through the aroma of smoke because he died in a fire). A pipe smoker might comes through as his favorite tobacco. A lady might come through as her favorite perfume. Pay attention! These weird experiences are full of information if you are open to it.
  16. Speak aloud any impression you get no matter how strange. It might not make sense now but as things continue, it may become clear. This also lets spirit know they are getting through to you.
  17. As you gaze into the crystal ball, you may see mist or clouds. Look at them to see if they resemble anything (like cloud gazing). Now mentally try to part the clouds. If you can’t, don’t worry. It gets easier with practice.
  18. Often colors will accompany the clouds. I offer a book by Ted Andrews called “How to See and Read the Aura” which covers the meanings of the colors.
  19. Pay close attention to everything you think or feel. It is all important.
  20. Your session is nearing the end when the crystal ball begins to mist again.
  21. When you are ready to close your gazing session, gently caress the crystal to remove the messages that have come through.
  22. It’s always a good idea to close with a prayer or some words of thanks to those kindly spirits who assisted.
  23. Cleanse your crystal ball with soapy water to remove the fingerprints. Take great care because crystal balls are quite heavy and may slip from your hands from the soapy water.
  24. You can take the cleansing a step further and cleanse it on a spirit level by smudging with sage or incense.
  25. Wrap it in a black cloth and put it away. I recommend a storage box for your crystal ball.

Even though I have given enough information to get you started with crystal ball scrying, please consider Ted Andrews’ book Crystal Balls & Crystal Bowls. My overview doesn’t come close to the information you will get with his book.

Caution! NEVER leave your crystal ball where sunlight will hit it. A crystal ball acts like a magnifying glass and can cause a fire. I had one set out in my store where only a little of the setting sun hit it. When I went to sell it, the box had burn holes in it. My son (who was grounded and forced to come to the store as punishment *lol*) used a crystal ball to light incense. If you want to display a crystal ball, keep it in a dark corner (this is good feng shui). Otherwise, keep it under wraps.

Earth Science Pic of the Day for November 10th

Lake Loma Sunset

November 10, 2011


: Robert Farrimond
Summary Author: Robert Farrimond; Jim Foster

The photo above showing a magnificent early autumn sunset was taken at Lake Loma, near Marysville, Washington on September 24, 2010. When I first noticed this sunset I was in my front yard. As the impact of the colors started to sink in, I grabbed my camera and then loped over to the lake’s boat launch to snap this shot. It seems that often the camera doesn’t record what you’re actually seeing but fortunately, this wasn’t one of those times.

The formula for the most vibrant sunsets and sunrises does not include an expression for clear skies. When the sky is as clear as a bell as the Sun is setting, the western sky is in fact not very remarkable at all. To get the best colors, there must be something in the sky to scatter and reflect sunlight. On this evening, it was clouds at different heights. Even without clouds, certain aerosols and particulates (including smoke, soot and ash) may produce fine color too. The upper and most colorful cloud layer on this photo is composed of cirrus clouds. These are high enough to capture fiery color though at the surface the Sun had already set several minutes earlier. Clouds carrying less and less color are seen lower and lower in the sky. Accent these lower clouds with a few odd holes, add in some silhouetted conifers plus a rippled lake that reflects the sunset and conifers, then place some floating vegetation and reeds in the foreground, and voila – your masterpiece is complete.

Photo details: Canon T1i camera; 50mm EF lens; f/8.

Astronomy Picture of the Day for November 8th

Astronomy Picture of the Day

Discover the cosmos!Each day a different image or photograph of our fascinating universe is featured, along with a brief explanation written by a professional astronomer.

2011 November 8

Jumping Sundogs Over Thunderclouds
Image Credit: abrigatti, YouTube 


Explanation: What’s happening above those clouds? In the past few years, videos have appeared on the web detailing an unusual but little known phenomenon: rapid light changes over clouds. Upon inspection and contemplation, a leading hypothesis for its cause has now emerged. In sum, this hypothesis holds that a lightning discharge in a thundercloud can temporarily change the electric field above the cloud where charged ice crystals were reflecting sunlight. The new electric field quickly re-orients the geometric crystals to a new orientation that reflects sunlight differently. In other words, a lightning discharge can cause a sundog to jump. Soon, the old electric field may be restored, causing the ice crystals to return to their original orientation. To help this curious phenomenon become better studied, sky enthusiasts with similar jumping or dancing sundog videos are encouraged to share them.

Earth Science Photo of the Day for Sept. 27th

Cloud Fingers Over Tracy, California

September 27, 2011

Fingerclouds (3)
Photographer: Isolde Irene
Summary Author: Isolde Irene; Jim Foster
On the photo above, finger-like altocumulus clouds are seen stretching across an azure blue sky. These billow clouds (undulatus) formed in atmospheric waves. They’re oriented more or less perpendicular to the wind direction. Slots between the clouds appear where the wave dips (trough). The air temperature in the wave crest (where the wave climbs) is slightly cooler than in the trough, so atmospheric water vapor more readily condenses here. Cloud droplets evaporate; however, where the wave moves the cloud into the trough. Photo taken in the late afternoon of July 31, 2011, from Tracy, California.

Photo details: Olympus E-5 camera; f/11; 1/1000 sec. exposure; ISO 200; 14 mm focal length.



On a bright windy day, clouds often pass overhead in fantastic shapes. We usually take them for granted or are unaware of their presence, but occasionally we’ll be struck by the appearance of a cloud and may well wonder why we ever stopped looking at them.
Watching the clouds for answers to questions is a delightful and possibly illuminating practice. It’s also quite relaxing and enjoyable. Cloud watching is directly related to other gazing techniques. It may require symbolic thought to fully penetrate the inner meaning of the presented response.
On a day when clouds race across the sky, or when thunderheads build up to impressive size, sit or stand with your back to the sun and look up toward the sky. (Ideally, it shouldn’t be completely overcast.) Think of your question and gaze into the clouds.
Study their shapes, blinking normally. Soon they may form a symbol, or you may become aware of a symbol that was already present. Examine this image and determine what connection it has with your question. This art doesn’t always require interpretation-if the diviner earnestly seeks messages from the clouds, they may plainly reveal the future in recognizable shapes.
Divination For Beginners
Reading The Past, Present & Future
Scott Cunningham
ISBN 0-7387-0384-2



Throughout history symbols of political or religeous importance have been seen in the clouds. In A.D. 312 when Emperor Constantine was marching against the army of Maxentius at Rome, both he and his entire army saw a shining cross of light amid the clouds.
It was said the cross contained the Greek words “By This Conquer”. Later that night Christ appeared to Constantine in his dreams bearing a cross in his hand ordering Constantine to have a military starndard made in the same image.
Under this standard his outnumbered army was victorious. Down through history entire military battles have been witnessed in the clouds.
Some of the U.F.O. sightings have in fact turned out to be disk shaped cloud formations. Generally cloud scrying is done on days when cloud conditions are good.
Having too few or too many clouds is no good for scrying. The best is when the clouds are thick.
Find a nice location to lie down and just relax. Try not to focus on any one cloud but rather allow the clouds to drift across your view.
Visions cannot be forced, they will come naturally when the time is right.