Let’s Talk Witch – White, Black, and Gray Magick

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White, Black, and Gray Magick


You’ve probably heard people describe themselves as white witches, meaning they uphold the “do no harm” rule. But the truth is, most magick isn’t black or white, it’s gray— including the magick most self-proclaimed white witches perform. That doesn’t mean it’s bad. In fact, most spells fall into the gray area. Just so we understand each other, let’s define these three grades of magick:

Anything done to harm or manipulate another person or to interfere with his or her free will is black magick.

White magick’s purpose is to further spiritual growth, by strengthening your connection with the divine realm and/or gaining wisdom from a higher source.

Everything else is gray magick.

This means if you do a spell to get a better job or to attract a lover you’re operating in the gray zone. Nothing wrong with that. It’s easy, though, to stray from the path and inadvertently cast a questionable spell—especially when you’re having a bad day or dealing with difficult people. Let’s say a co-worker is a conniving pain in the neck and you do a spell to get even with her for a dirty deed. Your revenge may seem justifiable, but it’s still black magick.

Here’s another little-known fact: Most black magick isn’t performed by evil sorcerers or wicked wizards, it’s done by ordinary people who don’t even realize what they’re up to. Have you ever cursed some jerk for stealing your parking space or cutting ahead of you in a long supermarket line? That’s black magick, too.

One more fact: Magick is all in your mind. As we discussed in the previous chapter, magick involves forming an intention in your mind, then fueling it with energy and emotion. So if you wish for something hurtful to happen and invest that wish with angry emotions, you’re doing black magick whether or not you enact a formal spell-casting ritual.

Maybe you’re wondering, why not use magick to put someone who’s wronged you in his place? It’s tempting, for sure. Except that in the world of magick, whatever you do returns to you like a boomerang. That’s a good reason for keeping your thoughts focused on positive stuff. It’s also why usually the best way to get what you want—especially on days when everything seems to be going wrong—is to bless instead of curse.

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Skye Alexander

Black or White Magick, Does It Actually Exist?

Gothic CommentsAs you all know yesterday, I told you what kind of witch I use to be. Surprisingly, I had a few comments about what I said. They interested me, so I decide to reply publicly about them. And for the people that made them, thank you, you all made some very interesting points and I appreciate that. The reason I am replying here is because the replies I write in the comment section hardly ever get read.

There is no denying it the topic of Black magick and White magick have always been a hot button topic in the Pagan community. Some will say it can’t exist because we do no believe in evil. Evil is a Christian concept. I agree evil is a Christian concept but I also know our Religion is the oldest Religion that ever existed. So where do you think the Christians came up with that idea, hmm? They stole everything else why not that too.

My beliefs are simple. Yes, there is good and evil in Witchcraft. Perhaps we do not want to call it evil but it does exist. All of us are born and eventually learn the difference between right and wrong. We respect our Mother Earth because we know this to be right. We know we do not take another’s life because this is wrong. So could this wrong also be called evil?  Perhaps.

Then stop to think, we have the Law of Karma and the Three-fold Law. We all know what we send out comes back to us Three-fold whether it be good or bad. Then in Karma, whatever we send out is going to return to us whether it is good or bad. So do we not stop to consider whether something is good, bad or even perhaps evil. I think we do with every spell or ritual we do.

Also there is the Evil Eye, that comes from the Voodoo tradition. I could go on and on but I won’t. In my opinion, and this is just my opinion, evil does exist in the Craft whether we want to admit it or not.

I believe there are three types of witches or practitioners that exist in the Craft. The white witch, the grey witch and last but definitely not last the black witch. The white witch as we all know does nothing but good spells and rituals. She would never even dream of doing harm to another or casting a hex. She has patience and waits, she knows Karma will eventually get those who do her wrong. The grey witch (what I now consider myself) is a witch that walk the line between black magick and white magick. Her intentions are good. But when it comes to something she is really passionate about or loves and that is threatened, she will use any means possible to protect those things. She uses white magick, grey magick and occasionally black magick to aid her in her cause. Now for the black witch (which I once was), let me start by saying a true witch answers to no one but herself. She casts her spells without regard to care or consequences. And I mentioned earlier, we are all born knowing right from wrong, so does the black witch know the difference? Yes, she does. The black witch believes she is strong enough that she does not worry or even stop to think about the result of the spells she is casting.

In magick, I was brought up to believe like so many others, it is not magick that is evil. It is the spellcaster’s intent that makes the magick good or bad, black or white. I can take any spell and turn it into a dark spell if I wished. It would be the kind of energy that I produced that would turn that spell from white to dark. If I was very mad and angry and casted the spell, it would be a very bad spell. I would have evil intent when that spell was casted. The spell would be evil. It is always the intent of the spellcaster that determines what kind of spell is being casted.

Evil or black magick are two words that we don’t like to use. Perhaps now they do not exist in the Craft as much as they use too. Perhaps we don’t want to acknowledge their existence because of the reputation we are trying to live down. A reputation that was given to us by those who never understood us. Being witches, wiccans or whatever Tradition or Path, we have to understand ourselves and know our Religion. There is a dark side to magick. I know it exists. All of us must know it exists because if we do not recognize it and acknowledge it, how can we fight it.

There is good and evil in all things whether we want to acknowledge it. But we have a Goddess that keeps us on Her Path. Her Path is a pure, white Path filled with nothing but goodness and love. I have seen both sides. I thank the Goddess every day, She saw something in me worth saving. I know now the life I was leading when I was a black witch, I would eventually paid for. That price would have been a very costly one if I had continued on that Path.

This is just my opinion which I mentioned earlier. Our Religion is beautiful because we can pick and choose our own beliefs and practices. We can chose whether to accept there is good or evil in our Religion. We have that freedom, for our Religion is not written in stone. Our Religion is written in the wind, in the trees, in our beloved Mother Earth. We have the freedom no other Religion on this planet has. It is up to us to make our own decisions and follow our own Paths. Whether it be a white Path, a grey Path or a Black Path, the choice is ours to make. It is up to us to make the right choice.

Ethical Spell-Casting

Ethical Spell-Casting

by Skye Alexander

Whether simple or complex, all spells involve focusing the power of intention to produce outcomes. Your intention not only provides the fuel that energizes a spell, it also colors the spell. As discussed in Chapter 1, your motive for doing a spell determines whether it’s “white” or “black” magick, or somewhere in between.

There’s nothing wrong with doing “gray” spells — most spells, in fact, fit into this category. It’s not incorrect or selfish to use your magickal talents to improve your lot in life. However, a wise witch always examines her reasons for casting a spell before she takes any action. Sometimes the only difference between a gray and black spell is your intention. Let’s say, for example, you want a certain job. It’s logical to do a spell to improve your chances of landing the position you desire. But if your spell intentionally causes someone else to lose the job so you can take over, that’s black magick.

Black magick doesn’t always involve the ritual of casting a spell. Many people perform black magick without even realizing it. If, in the heat of the moment, you curse someone or wish something bad to happen to him, you’re doing black magick.

It’s also important to feel good about the spells you do. Witches have different opinions and preferences when it comes to working magick, and although certain practices may not be wrong, they might not be right for you. For instance, some witches engage in sex magick, but it’s not for everyone. Stay within your own comfort zone.

Witches subscribe to a few general guidelines that constitute morally responsible spells. Here are the basic spellcraft “don’ts.”

  • Don’t design a spell that might harm another person or interfere with his free will.
  • Don’t cast a spell that includes components or methods that violate your own personal taboos or ethics.
  • Don’t work with languages or symbolic items that you don’t fully understand.
  • Don’t do spells if you are ill, angry, or otherwise off-center, as this can affect the outcome dramatically.

If you follow these simple guidelines, you’ll avoid the problems, pitfalls, and unpleasant ramifications that can sometimes accompany spell-casting.



Sometimes referred to as ‘left hand magick’, is using energies to create a situation to benefit the practitioner This includes bending another persons will, causing confusion in others. Black Magick is usually self-concerning- in other words it is used by the individual, FOR the individual- for personal gain, whether that be emotional or physical gain- it is said to be used selfishly.It can be said that Black Magick works against the natural order of the universe- it bends the forces and energies against the natural way- forcing choas and misunderstanding. All Magickal workings have consequences other than the desired results…there are side effects to consider. Whereas the usage of white magick has naturally beneficial side effects, the opposite can be said for black Magick, and side effects may be dire indeed. Whether a beginner or a seasoned practitioner, it should be always considered that Magick can be dangerous either way