Sometimes referred to as ‘left hand magick’, is using energies to create a situation to benefit the practitioner This includes bending another persons will, causing confusion in others. Black Magick is usually self-concerning- in other words it is used by the individual, FOR the individual- for personal gain, whether that be emotional or physical gain- it is said to be used selfishly.It can be said that Black Magick works against the natural order of the universe- it bends the forces and energies against the natural way- forcing choas and misunderstanding. All Magickal workings have consequences other than the desired results…there are side effects to consider. Whereas the usage of white magick has naturally beneficial side effects, the opposite can be said for black Magick, and side effects may be dire indeed. Whether a beginner or a seasoned practitioner, it should be always considered that Magick can be dangerous either way

One thought on “BLACK MAGICK

  1. Yes… When you can’t have light with out dark. Persephone was kidnapped while others heard and did nothing. This dark magick led to queendom. And her free reign! Bending others will for personal gain will only get you what you deserve! And if one is introspective enough a good lesson 🙂 white or black. Magick is about necessity to me. I think this is a lovely way to put it! Sometimes I get too fluffy in it all!


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