The Witches Spell for Nov. 20th – Spell to Start A New Beginning


Spell To Start A New Beginning

To start a new endeavor

Items You Will Need:

Yellow candle


Small pot of soil

Water in a decorative pitcher or jar

This spell can be used to give a boost to a new endeavor (or even a new relationship) or to help you find a new start if you’re not sure what to do next. It can be done at any time, but for an extra boost, try doing it at the New Moon.

Focus on what you are starting ( or on what you might want to start or achieve, if you aren’t sure), then light the candle and follow the directions in the spell.

(Hold the Seeds in your Hands)

Bless this new beginning
A gift from the Gods
Which I accept with gratitude and appreciation

(Put seeds in soil)

Let it be productive like the Earth
And nurtured by the warmth of the Sun

(Pour Water on seeds)

Let it flow smoothly like the water
And carry me in a positive direction
Like a seed blown on the winds
Bless this new beginning
That it may broaden my horizons
Strength and enlighten me.
And help my spirit to grow and blossom

So Mote It Be.


Good Friday Morning, my dear friends! You Should Be Doing Fantastic Today!

“My Little Stinker”

Good morning, my dears! As promised, here is my little Stinker! As you can see he is a yellow tabby cat. He weighs 14 pounds. I know that sounds like a lot but he is all muscle. He has to be to keep Razzy off his butt. Something that amazes me, he is a fixed tomcat. But he still gets in a romantic mood when it comes to Razzy? That puzzles me. I thought once fixed all that stops but my husband mentioned it might be because he is around her all the time. Heck if I know. But I know she doesn’t want a darn thing to do with him. I hope one day he figures out she is not his type of cat (at least before she kills him). If you haven’t noticed, I got one of my cameras working and loading onto my laptop. I have went crazy photographing this and that. I have to show you one of the little creatures that I get to care for. This little guy came from the vet. His mother and other siblings were shot by a farmer out in a field. The wolves were minding their own business and the fool shot all of them but one. Someone else heard the shots and went to see what was going on. By that time the man who had shot the wolves had left. The good guy found this little guy still alive. When his mother was shot, she fell on top of him and that was all that saved him. There were four other cubs and they were all killed. So the good guy took this one to the vet. The vet checked him out and he was fine (just scared to death). The vet called me to see if I had room for a little visitor. How could I refuse? I went and picked him up and he took right up with me. He is too young to be released back into the wild. So he will be with me for a few weeks. He is adorable and he can do some of the cutest things. My husband thinks I will end up keeping him (might, who knows, lol). I love wolves and this one is…….well see for yourself. 

 He is a little red wolf. The government had the bright idea to release some of the adult red wolves over at the game reserve. The intention was to repopulate the red wolves in this area and a few other areas around here. I didn’t know the red wolf was a native. But I guess you learn something new every day. I know when we first moved here, there was a huge gray wolf. Boy was he gorgeous. He would come around because of Mocha (my wolf hybrid). He had romantic intentions towards her too. The same thing happened every time he would get within 500 feet of him. She would try to eat him. Back to this little guy, he is absolutely adorable. He is so little I can take him out in the yard and not worry about him running off. He loves to play but he does play rough. He has done deflated one ball and working on his second.

But the wolf pup is just an example of some of the animals I care for. I had possums, raccoons, an adult wolf or two, foxes, deer, you name it and it will eventually show up here. I get donations from local individuals because of the food bill is so high. Also the donations help pay for all the vaccinations and checkups the animals might need before they are release. Most of the vets that send the animals to me, do this for free. But I understand their supplies cause money and they are good enough to do this. So I like to give them something for their trouble. Vets in the big city would put the animals to sleep instead of trying to help them.

I will be posting more of the critters I have around here now that the camera is working. You see what I do in my spare time. Spare time, yeah right! If by any chance you would like to donate to help with the food bill for all of my critters, there is a Paypal button on the side of this page. I appreciate every dollar that comes in and I know the animals do too.

Well I am gong to run for now. I have talked about the love of my life enough (animals, animals and more animals). I hope you have a fantastic day!

Happy June to you all!

Lady A

Can You Believe It Is Thursday Already?

Happy Thursday to all my dear friends! My hand is doing much better, so I figured I would whine at you a bit. I was totally amazed I haven’t written anything in about a week and I got a comment about me whining. Whining? What the hell am I whining about? I am nursing a sick hand. Good grief! Come to find out, it was from the same person that always writes to me about my whining. So I figure big deal, this person must really be a miserable person.  I could go into preacher mode here but I won’t, lol!

I don’t know if you noticed or not but I am working on a new Goddess page, The Goddess Hecate. It was strange, I was working on the page and Kiki started raising heck. In case you are new to the blog, Kiki is my little Pomeranian familiar. Anyway, this was her bark that something was in the yard bark. So I got up to look and in the yard was a timber wolf. I liked to fell out in the floor. I went running through the house to the porch outside. I just had to see him. He came within about 100 feet from the porch. He was solid black and looked very mean and angry. Since it is unusual to see wolves during the day out in the open, I knew something had to be wrong.  I first thought of him having rabies and what a brain I was for running out the door. But I took his appearance as a sign from Hecate. I wasn’t afraid of him at all. But then again, I haven’t run into a wild animal I am afraid of. I use caution around them and eventually I can become friends with them. Well when the wolf turned his side to me, I could see what the problem was. He was hurt on his side. My husband who run out behind me to see what the matter was immediately said, “Don’t you dare?” But as soon as my husband spoke, the wolf wandered off.  I don’t know if the wolf comes back, I might try to help him. But the timber wolf is the meanest wolf there is.  I don’t know just working on the page about Hecate and the wolf showing up, I sort of took it as a sign from Her.  Perhaps She was happy I was finally doing a page on Her. Perhaps I am totally wrong and it was just a coincidence that the wolf showed up the same time I was doing Her page. But I thought it was unusual anyway. I have had other strange occurrences. I will tell you about them some other time. My hand is starting to act goofy, I can tell I have typed enough. I just had to share about the wolf showing up. I had a wolf-hybrid and I had to have her put to sleep after 15 years of companionship and love. So I love wolves.

Well I am going to go for now and get busy doing the Dailys. I would hate to think you fired me for not doing my job, lol. I hope you have a great Thursday.

Luv & Hugs,

Lady A