How To Celebrate an Autumn Full Moon – Group Ceremony

How To Celebrate an Autumn Full Moon – Group Ceremony

In addition to — or instead of — holding a monthly Esbat rite, some Wiccan and Pagan groups prefer to have a season-specific full moon ceremony. The traditional autumn season includes September’s Harvest Moon and the Blood Moon of October, and wraps up with the Mourning Moon of November. If you’d like to celebrate one or more of these moon phases with a ritual specific to the harvest, it’s not hard.

This rite is written for a group of four people or more, but if you needed to, you could easily adapt it for a solitary practitioner.

Try to hold this ritual outside. Fall nights are usually crisp and cool, and a perfect time for outdoor rituals. Ask each member of the group to bring an item to place on the altar — something that represents the bounty of the harvest. Decorate the altar with these seasonal goodies. Some ideas would be:

  • You’ll want to include quarter candles*, as well as a cup of wine or cider. If you’re including Cakes and Ale as part of your celebration, place your cakes on the altar as well
  • A basket of apples
  • Gourds, squashes, or small pumpkins
  • Indian corn
  • Colorful leaves
  • Stalks of grain or wheat

Assign a member of the group to call each quarter. Each person should stand at their assigned quarter holding their unlit candle (and a lighter or matches), and facing the altar. If there are more than four of you present, form a circle.

Some traditions choose to begin rites facing east, while others prefer the north.

This ritual begins with the calling of the north quarter, but you can adjust or adapt it based on the needs of your own tradition.

The person in the north quarter lights their green candle, holds it to the sky, and says:

We call upon the powers of Earth,
and welcome you to this circle.
May the fertile soil of the land bring us
prosperity, abundance, and the bounty of the land,
in this time of harvest.

Place the candle on the altar.

The person to the east should light her yellow candle, hold it to the sky, and say:

We call upon the powers of Air,
and welcome you to this circle.
May the winds of change bring us wisdom and knowledge
in this season of abundance and bounty.

Place the candle on the altar.

Moving to the south, light the red candle and hold it to the sky, saying:

We call upon the powers of Fire,
and welcome you to this circle.
May the shining light of this season’s moon
illuminate our way through the coming winter.

Place the candle on the altar.

Finally, the person to the west lights the blue candle, holds it to the sky, and says:

We call upon the powers of Water,
and welcome you to this circle.
May the cool autumn rains wash away
the last comforts of summer,
and prepare us for the chill that is to come.

Place the candle on the altar.

Have everyone in the circle join hands and say:

We gather tonight by the light of the moon,
to celebrate the season, and rejoice.
May the next turn of the Wheel bring us love
and compassion, abundance and prosperity,
fertility and life.
As the moon above, so the earth below.

Go around the circle, passing the wine or cider. As each person takes a sip, they should share one thing they are looking forward to in the coming month. Do you hope to manifest financial independence? Develop your intuitive powers? Or are you perhaps hoping to grow your relationships? Now is the time to state your intent.

Take a moment to reflect on the bounty of the season. When everyone is ready, either move on to your next ceremony — Cakes and Ale, Drawing Down the Moon, healing rites, etc. — or end the ritual.


  • Quarter candles are colored candles based on the colors of the four cardinal directions: green for north, yellow for east, red to the south and blue in the west.




Full Moon Tuesday

Preparations: by Maddi

Full Moon Tuesday


For this Tuesday night full moon spell, we are working with fire magick and warrior energy. This spell incorporates one of the court cards from the tarot deck, the Knight of Swords. If you recall, the Knight of Swords can be summed up in two words: no fear!


The “No Fear” Spell

This spell is best worked outdoors.

Supplies are as follows:

1 red taper illuminator candle

1 black taper illuminator candle coordinating black metal candle holders (use wrought iron, if possible)

A pin or nail to engrave Mars’s symbol on the candles

The Knight of Swords card from your tarot deck

A fireproof small metal cauldron

A sheet of paper, no larger than 6 inches square

Black ink pen

Rubbing alcohol

Wooden matches

An outdoor working area-make sure it is a flat, safe surface to set up all of the spell supplies on (you need to be outside for this one, otherwise you will set off the smoke alarms while you are burning the paper in the cauldron; talk about blowing the magickal mood!)

You have to be careful with the fire. Anytime you have an open flame inside of a cauldron, fire pit, or fireplace and you add magick and intention, things tend to be unpredictable with the flames. Also, just a few drops of alcohol will help that paper burn. So don’t go overboard and singe yourself. Safety first! The spell fire is symbolic. A little fire held within a metal cauldron that is lit with intention does pack more power than you realize, so please be smart and safe and work this full moon spell with care.

Arrange the outdoor setup as follows. Engrave and then place the candles in their holders, and set them toward the back of your working area. Position the metal cauldron dron in the center. Leave a small area to place the Knight of Swords card in front of the cauldron, where it is easily visible. Set the rubbing alcohol, the matches, and paper and pen to the side and within reach.

To start, take up the paper and pen and write down what it is that you fear. Keep it short and to the point. Then, fold the paper in half and drop it into the cauldron. Sprinkle a bit of rubbing alcohol on the paper. Close up the bottle and set it off and away to the side. Now put your game face on. Call up whatever courage you can muster. Visualize those Spartan soldiers or the god Mars standing strong and right alongside of you. Come on, tap into that warrior energy. Growl. Get tough, and raise up some courageous energy. Hold your hands out and over the cauldron. Now repeat this verse with intention:

Mars energy is bolstered by the full moon light

I remove anxiety and stress on this night

Mighty warrior energy now defeats the shadows and fear

As I conjure bravery and courage to reside with me here!

Move your hands away from the cauldron. Step back from the work area and strike the match. Carefully drop it on top of the paper inside of the cauldron. If necessary, you can hold the match to the edge of the paper and encourage it to completely burn. If you need to use a couple of matches, that’s fine. Just drop the spent matches inside of the cauldron. Keep going until the paper is ash. Then close the spell with these lines:

Ashes to ashes and dust to moon dust

My courage soars and my magick is just

I work boldly with the days of witchery

This lunar spell is sealed; set the magick free!

You may snuff the black and red illuminator candles and take them inside with you. If you wish, use them again for other Tuesday spells or to repeat this spell if necessary. Allow the contents of the cauldron to cool completely, then take a little garden spade and bury the ashes in the garden. Pour water on top of the spot to make doubly sure nothing is smoldering. Tap your fist on the ground on top of it, and say:

So mote it be!

Now, go and clean out your cauldron. Keep the tarot card with you for a week to bolster your courage. To close up this full moon magick, go do something positive. Take a jog or a walk under that enchanting moon. Play some music and dance, or go find your partner and make love. Just do something positive, life-affirming and physical. Any of those activities will help you to ground and center.


Book of Witchery: Spells, Charms & Correspondences for Every Day of the Week

Ellen Dugan


The WItches Magick for the 22nd Day of October – Earthy Prosperity Tarot Spell

Blessed Be

Earthy Prosperity Tarot Spell


If possible, work this prosperity spell outdoors. You will be calling on the element of earth and all of its fertile and abundant energies. If weather prohibits you from being outside, then set this up so your work area faces north, because the northern direction is associated with the element of earth.

You will need:

A green votive candle

A votive-cup candle holder

1/2 cup garden soil (you can us potting soil)

A saucer or small plate to hold the soil

The following tarot cards: Ace of Pentacles, Nine of Pentacles, and Ten of Pentacles (please note: the suits of Coins and Pentacles are the same thing)

A lighter or matches

A safe, flat surface on which to set up the spell

Place the green votive candle inside the cup. Snuggle the votive cup securely down into the soil. Arrange the cards next to the dish that holds the soil and candle. Take a few momentts to center yourself. When you feel ready, light the candle, and speak the following spell three times:

Element of earth I call, ground and strengthen me tonight

May the gods now bless this green spell candle that burns so bright

The suit of Pentacles and Coins calls for prosperity

They will help to bring health and abundance quickly to me

Now together may all of these elements combine

And create opportunity for wealth at this time.

Close the spell by saying:

For the good of all, bringing harm to none

By the element of earth, this spell is done!

Allow the candle to burn until it goes out on its own. If necessary, move the candle to a safe location so it can finish burning, such as a shower stall, inside an unlit fireplace, or in the empty kitchen sink. Never leave a burning candle unattended, especially outdoors.


Book of Witchery: Spells, Charms & Correspondences for Every Day of the Week

Ellen Dugan


The Witches Magick for the 21st Day of the Blood Moon – White Light Meditation

goth fantasy woman
White Light Meditation


Before you go to sleep, turn on soft instrumental music. Lie back and get comfortable. Slowly inhale, filling your insides with air. Hold your breath momentarily before exhaling until all the air has left your lungs. Do several more deep breaths, each time becoming more relaxed and aware of your inner sensation.

Let your mind move like a spotlight searching out any negative energy that you may be harboring from the day. Gather up all these troubled feelings and move them downward into your legs and feet. With your mind, open up the drain at the tips of your big toes, and begin letting all those negative feelings drain out of you.

Now plug up the hole in your feet, and open a larger hole located on the top of your head. Streams of white light pour into the crown of your head and being pouring down into your throat and heart areas. Soon your entire body is filled with this white light that can transform into anything you need from courage to love. As you drift to sleep, imagine being filled with this white light.


Wiccan Spell A Night, 365 Spells, Charms, and Potions for the Whole Year

Sirona Knight


The Witches Magick for the 20th Day of the Blood Moon – Through the Future Brightly


The Witches Magick for the 20th Day of the Blood Moon

Through the Future Brightly


You will need a white candle, three fall leaves from trees, and a picture of somthing that you would like to bring into your life. Light the candle and dedicate it to the Goddess:

To the Goddess of Divine Light

May Your image always be bright

Tonight and every night

So be it! Blessed be!

Place the three leaves the left side of the candle and the picture of your future on the right side. Look deep into the picture and see yourself as part of it. Merge into the image and become One with it. Pray to the Goddesss:

Goddess of the Divine Light

Show me my future tonight.

So be it! Blessed be!

As you drift to sleep, repeat to yourself:

I dream of my future tonight, and

Remember my dreams when I awaken.

In the morning, write everything you remember from your dreams in your journal. Return the leaves to the Earth.



Wiccan Spell A Night, 365 Spells, Charms, and Potions for the Whole Year

Sirona Knight


The Witches Magick for the 8th Day of the Blood Moon – Blood Moon Ritual Mist

Egyptian MauBlood Moon Ritual Mist

Use this mist to fill you with the vitality of the Goddess.

You will need one cup of distilled water, three drops of lavender essential oil, one drop of rose essential oil, one drop of chamomiles essential oil and a white candle. Mix all the ingredients together in a spray bottle. As you shake the bottle, chant:

Great Goddess of eternal life
Invigorate this liquid with your divine light.

Light the candle and place the bottle of mist in front of the candle so that the light shines through it. Stare deep into the liquid and merge with it. Energize the mist with the vitality and divine life force of the bright Goddess. Close your eyes, and spray the mist over your face. As you spray it on yourself, sense the light of the Goddess glowing within you and all around you.

Wiccan Spell A Night, 365 Spells, Charms and Potions for the Whole Year
Sirona Knight



The Moon’s energy is most intense when she reaches abundant fullness. Any magical effort, especially difficult ones, can benefit greatly from the potency of this phase. Use the full Moon to amplify magical intent and to give spellworkings additional power.

To seal spells performed during the full Moon, use this chant or one of your own choosing.

Abundant Mother, Moon so bright
Hear my plea upon this night.
Your fertile power lend this spell
Make it potent, strong, and well


The Witches Magick for the 17th Day of the Barley Moon – Citrus Moon Magick


Citrus Moon Magick

Use this spell to fill you with love and charm.

To create this soothing bath, you will need a warm bath, three fresh bay leaves, a fresh lemon, a sliced apple, your lover, and your favorite scent. Just before you make love tonight, take this bath to feel loving and charming.

Run a warm bath. Tear the bay leaves and add them to the water. As you do say:

Divine waters fill me with love and charm.

Slice open the fresh lemon. Squeeze the lemon juice into the bath water. Repeat:

Divine waters fill me with love and charm.

Slice the apple and put the slices on a plate next to your bath. Invite your lover into the bath. Feed each other the slices of apple. Before eating each slice, repeat:

You are loving and charming.
Blessed be!

Towel one another off slowly and sensuously, and apply your favorite scent. Enjoy the fruits of your labors.

Wiccan Spell A Night
Sirona Knight

The Witches Magick for the 15th day of the Barley Moon – Marigold and Sunflower Faery Magick

Marigold and Sunflower Faery Magick


This is the time when flowers are in bloom and the energy of faeries is everywhere. In this spell you are creating a faery circle as a way of bringing this fluorescent energy into your life.

You will need a pot of marigolds and thirteen sunflower seeds.

Place the pot of marigolds in a sunny location. Call to Mari, Queen of the Faeries to protect and give life to the flowers:

Queen Mari, give life to this flower
That bears your name and glows with
your divine fluorescence.

Place the thirteen sunflower seeds in a circle around the marigolds. As you do so, call out to the faeries:

Marigolds and sunflowers,
Spread the magick of faery powers.

Care for the flowers during the month of the barley moon, making sure to give them the care and attention they need to thrive.

Wiccan Spell A Night, Spells, Charms, and Potions for the Whole Year
Sirona Knight

The Witches Magick for the 14th day of the Barley Moon – Cyclone Clearing Spell

Native American Comments & Graphics

Cyclone Clearing Spell

(Barley Moon)

Cast this spell to clear the negativity out of your home, as well as encourage positive energies into your space.

At midnight, light a sage smudge stick and smudge your home thoroughly. Use a fireproof bowl or pan to catch any burning ash that may drop from the smudge stick. Now, fully extinguish the smudge. Take a few minutes and merge with the divine. In your mind’s eye imagine a cyclone spinning counterclockwise, awash with cobalt blue energy, hovering above you. Build the cyclone up with your intention and deep breathing. Send the cyclone around your home, in a counterclockwise direction, to clear out any negative, disruptive, or chaotic energies. Actually see the cyclone pulling the negativity up and out of your home. As you do this, chant loudly:

“Negative energies get out, begone now and forevermore.”

Imagine the cyclone diving beneath your home and pulling any negativity out from that area. Once you have cleared out the negative energy, see the cyclone spinning up and out of your home and into the night sky. Repeat this process three times.

When you are done, merge with the God and Goddess. Then spin slowly in a clockwise circle and imagine bright white light shooting out from your outstretched palms and filling your home with its divine power. Say nine times:

“May the divine power of love, hope and peace fill my home, now and forevermore. So be it! Blessed be!”


Wicca Spells A Night

Sirona Knight