Elemental Energies in Magick – Spirit

Some of the Elemental Energies in Magick for Spirit

The element of Spirit is the 5th unseen element. It is the combination of all the energies of the four elements and it is very hard to work with    because there is nothing to focus on. In fact the only real way to connect to this 5th element is to look inside yourself and connect with that part of you    that is unique and different from other people. The part of you that is noble, confident, honorable and strong. This is the part of you that is Spirit.    Unfortunately for most people, connecting to this part of themselves is made a lot more difficult than it has to be because of fear and insecurity. What if    they don’t have enough of these good qualities to ever connect to something that no one can see, touch, smell or hear? The answer lies in your own    personal mythology. Take for instance any story you have ever heard that moved you and inspired you. It can be a fairy tale you heard when you were a child    or a story you heard yesterday. You don’t have to believe the story was true to use the energy it raises inside of you. You need only focus on the way    it makes you feel and then translate it to other situations in your everyday life. In fact these stories represent psychological archetypes that we all    share which is why story-telling is common in our culture. We all have a craving for Spirit. Our mythology is the code of the unconscious mind, and it    paves the way to connecting to Spirit. So when you want to invoke the element of Spirit, summon the feelings of triumph or joy that stem from your personal    mythologies. The energy exists on its own for you to use and direct even after you have forgotten about the story. Once you have summoned the energy,    directing it is another matter. Spirit energy is often represented by the color white or ultra-violet (invisible) light. You should imagine whatever color    helps you define the Spirit energy you feel. This can be white, clear, ultra-violet, etc. It’s really up to you because this is your personal energy    source. Like all the other elements, Spirit energy is a part of nature, however, this is the point where YOU become another aspect of nature just as Fire,    Water, Air and Earth are parts of nature. Spirit represents the superconscious mental processes (as opposed to the conscious mental processes of Air and    the unconscious mental processes of Water). For this reason magick in all forms will be successful when performed under the supervision and assistance of    Spirit, ruled by the spirit of the center of the Four Winds, Metatron.

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