July 12 Today in History

Today’s Important Historical Events

1679 Britain’s King Charles II ratifies Habeas Corpus Act allowing prisoners right to be imprisoned to be examined by a court

1690 Battle of Boyne: in Ireland, Protestant King William III defeats English Catholic King James II

1790 French Revolution: The Civil Constitution of the Clergy is adopted, putting the Catholic Church in France under the control of the state

1804 Former United States Secretary of the Treasury Alexander Hamilton dies after being shot in a pistol duel the previous day by Vice President Aaron Burr

1863 In New Zealand, British forces invade Waikato, home of the Maori King Movement, beginning a new phase of the wars between Maori and Colonial British

1913 150,000 Ulstermen gather and resolve to resist Irish Home Rule by force of arms; since the British Liberals have promised the Irish nationalists Home Rule, civil war appears imminent

1943 World War II: Battle of Prokhorovka – Russians defeat German forces in one of the largest ever tank battles

1957 US Surgeon General Leroy Burney connects smoking with lung cancer

Today’s Historical Events

526 St Felix IV begins his reign as Catholic Pope

927 King Aethelstan is the first southern English king to gain control of much of the north of Britain when various local kings accept his overlordship at Eamont, Cumbria

1109 Crusaders capture Syria’s harbor city of Tripoli

1191 English King Richard I the Lionheart and Crusaders defeat Saracens in Palestine

1442 King Alfonso V of Aragon becomes King of Naples

1537 Battle of Albancay: Diego de Almagro defeated by army led by Alonso de Alvarado on behalf of Francisco Pizarro

1542 French troops under Maarten van Rossem occupy Flanders

1549 Kett’s uprising occupies Norwich, England

Today’s Historical Events in Film and TV

1928 1st televised tennis match

1953 KTVB TV channel 7 in Boise, ID (NBC/ABC) begins broadcasting

1959 NBC uses cameras to show catchers signals during Yankee-Red Sox game

1960 XEWT TV channel 12 in Tijuana-San Diego, CA (IND) begins broadcasting

1976 1st “Family Feud” game show debuts on ABC hosted by Richard Dawson

1993 Andrew Lloyd Webber‘s musical “Sunset Boulevard”, based on Billy Wilder‘s 1950 film, starring Patti Lupone and Daniel Benzali, opens at the Adelphi Theatre, London

2002 Hindi film “Devdas” premieres directed by Sanjay Leela Bhansali and starring Shah Rukh KhanAishwarya Rai and Madhuri Dixit (Best Film Filmfare Awards)

2012 45th San Diego Comic-Con International opens at San Diego Convention Center

Today’s Historical Events in Music

1946 Benjamin Britten‘s “Rape of Lucretia” premieres at Glyndebourne Opera Festival

1958 “Li’l Abner” closes at St James Theater, NYC, after 693 performances

1962 Rolling Stones 1st performance (Marquee Club, London)

1976 Ian Dury & Kilburns disband

1985 “Singin’ in the Rain”, musical adaptation of the 1952 film, opens at Gershwin Theater, NYC; runs for 367 performances

1990 “Les Miserables,” opens at National Theatre, Washington, DC

1992 Axl Rose arrested on riot charges in St Louis stemming from a concert on Jul 2

Today’s Historical Events in Sports

1817 Karl Drais von Sauerbronn demonstrates bicycle course

1901 Cy Young wins his 300th game

1921 Babe Ruth sets record of 137 career home runs

1921 Indians (9) & Yankees (7) combine for an AL record 16 doubles

1926 Paavo Nurmi walks world record 4x1500m (16:26.2)

1927 Yankees slugger Babe Ruth half way to his MLB record of 60 home runs; smacks #30 of Joe Shaute in 9th inning in New York’s 7-0 win over Cleveland Indians at Dunn Field

1928 1st televised tennis match

1930 US Open Men’s Golf, Interlachen CC: Defending champion Bobby Jones wins record-tying 4th US Open title by 2 strokes from Macdonald Smith; third consecutive major title