July 1 Today in History

Today’s Important Historical Events

1689 Matsuo Basho, zen poet, leaves for 150 days journey on Honshu, Japan

1858 The joint reading of Charles Darwin and Alfred Russel Wallace‘s papers on evolution to the Linnean Society

1863 Battle of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania; Lee’s northward advance halted

1867 The Dominion of Canada is formed, comprising the provinces of New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Ontario & Quebec, with John A. Macdonald serving as the first Prime Minister

1916 First day of the Battle of the Somme: the British Army suffers its worst day, losing 19,240 men (WWI)

1921 The Communist Party of China is founded and Chen Duxiu elected its leader

1941 Bulova Watch Co pays $9 for 1st ever network TV commercial

1997 United Kingdom returns Hong Kong and the New Territories to the People’s Republic of China

Today’s Historical Events

69 Batavian nobleman Gaius Julius Civilis proclaimed emperor of Syria

69 Roman General Vespasian is first proclaimed Emperor by troops in Egypt, during year of the four emperors

70 Roman General Titus and his forces set up battering rams to assault the walls of Jerusalem

251 The Battle of Abrittus in the Balkans won by the Goths against the Romans. Roman Emperors Decius and Herennius Etruscus are killed

649 Pope Martinus I elected to succeed Theodore I

1097 1st Crusaders defeat Sultan Kilidj Arslan of Nicea

1200 In China, sunglasses are invented

1233 Earl Otto II van Gelre grants Arnhem state justice

Today’s Historical Events in Film and TV

1941 WCBW (now WCBS) TV channel 2 in NY, NY (CBS) begins broadcasting

1941 WNBT TV (W2XBS, Now WNBC) channel 4 in NYC (NBC) begins broadcasting

1949 WBRC TV channel 6 in Birmingham, AL (ABC) begins broadcasting

1949 WCCO TV channel 4 in Minneapolis-St Paul, MN (CBS) begins broadcasting

1950 WHBF TV channel 4 in Rock Island, IL (CBS) begins broadcasting

1952 English architect Michael Ventris says he has solved one of the 20th century’s greatest linguistic riddles, by deciphering Linear B in BBC interview. Is an ancient form of Greek on clay tablets from Minoan palace of Knossos. [1]

1953 KLAS TV channel 8 in Las Vegas, NV (CBS) begins broadcasting

Today’s Historical Events in Music

1933 Strauss & von Hofmannsthal’s opera “Arabella,” premieres at the Semperoper Opera House in Dresden, Germany

1950 Maxwell Anderson and Kurt Weill’s “Lost in the Stars”, based on Alan Paton‘s novel “Cry the Beloved Country”, closes at Music Box Theater, NYC, after 281 performances

1960 Benjamin Britten‘s cantate “Carmen Baseliense” premieres in Basel

1963 The Beatles record “She Loves You” and “I’ll Get You”

1967 “Funny Girl” closes at Winter Garden Theater, NYC, after 1348 performances

1967 The Beatles’ album “Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” goes #1 in the United States, where it would stay for 15 weeks

1968 John Lennon‘s 1st full art exhibition (You Are Here) opens at Robert Fraser Gallery in London

1969 John Lennon and Yoko Ono are admitted to hospital after he crashes his car near Durness in the Scottish Highlands

Today’s Historical Events in Sports

1859 1st intercollegiate baseball game, Amherst beats Williams 66-32 in Pittsfield, Massachusetts

1893 San Francisco Bay City Club opens 1st US bicycle race track, made of wood

1901 Wimbledon Men’s Tennis: Arthur Gore beats defending 4-time champion R.F. Doherty 4-6, 7-5, 6-4, 6-4 for his 1st of 3 Wimbledon singles titles

1903 Tour de France: Inaugural race begins in Montgeron, a south-eastern suburb of Paris

1904 III Summer (Modern) Olympic Games open in St Louis, the first held in the United States

1904 Willie Anderson becomes the first 2-time Western Open golf champion, beating fellow Scot Alex Smith by 4 strokes at Michigan’s Kent CC

1910 Chicago’s White Sox Park (later Comiskey Park) opens – St Louis Browns beat White Sox, 2-0

1916 Pittsburgh shortstop Honus Wagner, at 42 and 4 months, connects at Cincinnati to become the oldest to hit an inside-the-park HR; Pirates beat Reds, 2-1