Title Page
The Smaragdine Tables of Hermes Trismegistus
Foreword, By Sir Dudley Borron Myers


Part I: Historical

Chapter I. Beginnings of Alchemy
Chapter II. Early European Alchemists
Chapter III: The Story of Nicholas Flamel
Chapter IV: Basil Valentine
Chapter V: Paracelsus
Chapter IV: Alchemy in The Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries
Chapter VII: English Alchemists
Chapter VIII: the Comte De St. Germain

Part II: Theoretical

Chapter I: The Seed of Metals
Chapter II: The Spirit of Mercury
Chapter III: The Quintessence (I)
The Quintessence. (II)
Chapter IV: The Quintessence in Daily Life

Part III

Chapter I: The Medicine From Metals
Chapter II: Practical

‘AUREUS,’ Or The Golden Tractate

Section I
Section II
Section III
Section IV
Section V
Section VI
Section VII

The Book of the Revelation of Hermes

The Book of the Revelation of Hermes

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