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I suggest you always cast a spell yourself as you know the intention you have behind wanting it cast. Having someone else cast a spell for you can lead to the intention of the spell being left to their interruption of what you say you want. Through the years I have found the intention is about 90% of how the spell will manifest. Keep your intention upmost in your mind when writing and casting your spells. If using a spell someone has written edit or tweak it, so it becomes your spell with theirs as a baseline for you to build on. – Lady Beltane

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BE CAREFUL! We do not recommend casting spells yourself without serious training. But if you are interested in learning about witchcraft basics, then read on!

All witchcraft practices have one thing in common. They require creating a sacred space where you can focus your intention. Wiccans cast a circle using the elements. Other forms of pagan spellcasting or witchcraft spells use the pentagram. Other spells don’t require either, but a gathering of the energies and focusing of your intentions is always necessary for spells to work. Otherwise, there will simply be no effect!

  • Step 1: Define your intention: Refining which effect you intend to create in the physical world is crucial! Make it clear and concise, and be sure to think through the possible consequences and whether you are prepared to take responsibility for them.
  • Step 2: Always follow spellcasting best practices:
  • Get permission from anyone you plan to cast a spell on
  • Clearly state your intention for optimal success
  • Cast a series of spells if your goal is complicated
  • Step 3: Find the right timing for your spell: Remember that privacy is important. Distractions such as other people or pets coming into your space while you are spell casting is a no-no because it will break your energy flow. If you are using the power of the lunar phases, consider casting banishing spells on the new moon. Cast love or abundance spells on the full moon to get them an extra boost, or follow the days of the week that best correspond to the energies:
    • Sunday – for personal achievements
    • Monday – for fertility, pregnancy and feminine moon (moonday) magic
    • Tuesday – for strength and courage
    • Wednesday – for Mercury, the planet of communication
    • Thursday – cast spells for prosperity and abundance. Also for healing
    • Friday – love magick
    • Saturday – cleansing and banishing
  • Step 4: Collect your materials and supplies: Each spell will outline the needed materials and supplies. From candles to crystals or representations of the elements, spells will clearly state what is needed. Be sure to gather them all carefully before you begin your spell! The last thing you want is to be sitting in your circle and realize you are missing something important!
  • Step 5: Raise, direct and release the energy: Once you have set your intention, remember to magnify it by raising the cone of power! You can do this by drumming, dancing, chanting, visualization or even orgasm, as in sex magic. Then, once you have built the energy to a climax, send it to the universe to manifest. Afterward, remember to ground yourself back down. Then you can just await the results!

Tips on casting free magic spells

Stay away from darker magic if you are a beginner. Even white magic spells can have negative consequences if you accidentally cast them wrong, but black magic can be very dangerous. If you’ve already reached out to a professional spellcaster and you are ready to try some white magic basics, then keep these tips in mind:

  • Stick to white magic spells if you are a novice
  • Remember not to affect anyone else’s free will with your spellcasting or you may have negativity come your way
  • Collect all of your materials before you start and make sure you have privacy
  • Keep your intention as precise as you can – confused spells can have unintended consequences.
  • It is a good idea to memorize your spell so you know exactly what to do before you start

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The Law of Threefold Return

As you can see it is very important to know what you are getting into before you go dabbling around with witchcraft and magic spells! But for the sake of learning, I will share a few free spells with you, so that you can begin to understand how spellcasting works. But be sure to get the advice of a professional before trying these out!

How will I know when my free spell has been cast?

Spells take effect immediately, so you should notice the effects of your spellcasting right away. But remember, if your spell was very complicated, it might take some time to manifest fully. Sometimes spells require several steps and take effect gradually over time. Especially if your spell is controlling the actions of others by sending them away, for example. It will probably take some time for them to pack up their belongings and move away.

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Pros of Free Spells

  • Many great resources for free spells
  • First three minutes free with a professional on Kasamba
  • You can even write your own spells!

Cons of Free Spells

  • Spellcasting can be risky business
  • Unanticipated consequences can come back threefold!
  • May not work at all

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