August 16th Daily Divination


Today’s reading comes from The English Magic Tarot by Rex Van Ryn, Steve Dooley, and Andy Letcher ©️ 2016.


Page 99

Two of Cups – Romatic love; marriage and all that entails

Description: A young couple toasts one another at their wedding dance. There hands are entwined and they are looking at each other intently.

Interpretation: This is obviously a marriage but is the couple looking at each other with smoldering passion or with contemptuous disdain? It’s either a fabulous match or a complete sham.

If I’ve learned one thing about weddings, it’s that the externals, the trimmings,  don’t matter a jot. If the couple aren’t dancing together as one, then no amount of cakes,  chintz, or confetti will make it work.

Weddings are important, not in a preachy or moralizing way, but in a magical way. The ritual act knits together the couple, their friends, families, and the community.  That’s why, when couples decide to break up,  we all feel shaken. Conversely,  a good wedding renews our vows.

So while the Two of Cups is undoubtedly a wonderful, romantic card that you should beb delighted to receive in a reading, it is also a reminder to consider carefully the ritual of marriage and all that it entails. Marriage is hard at the best of times and deserves a good start. If you choose to do it, you might as well do it right.

Reading: The card signifies the culmination of romantic love,  perhaps even a wedding.


From The Rune Site


Sound: “l”
Stands for: Power of water
Casting meaning: Unlike other “water runes” this rune concentrates on the power of water – waterfalls, ocean wave, flowing rivers. It is a purification or washing away of unwanted or unneeded thing, a way to cleanse oneself.

Witch’s Rune

Star: guidance, a light in the darkness, wishes, gifts, other worlds, astrology

When you look up at the stars, how do you feel? Incorporate that into your readings when the star witches’ rune shows up. The star is indeed a gift and grants wishes to some. It may be a guiding light to others lost in the darkness.

Animal Spirit Guide and Helper

From Spirit Animal


The Bat arriving in your life signifies an omen of change. He asks that you pay attention to signs around you. The transition may seem frightening at first, but you must let go of your old habits and patterns that no longer serve your higher calling. They will only hinder your growth.