Your Love Horoscopes for the Week of May 12

Your Love Horoscopes for the Week of May 12

by Sarah Bartlett.

From The Astrology Room


With Venus moving into sensual Taurus and Mars into caring Cancer, we can all expect to be more understanding towards others, and likewise they will respect our integrity too.

This is a time to show how much you love being with someone, and be honest about your desires. Frank discussions will clear the air, and the bonus is that both heads and hearts can at last work in tandem.



You wonder if what you have is what you really want and what you want is really what you need. To cap it all, the planetary activity is demanding you make a few decisions, but you feel as if you’re no longer in control of your destiny. Can you now take the odd risk in love and still get the change you seek? Give it a try.



At long last, dreams can come true if you listen your heart and remain true to your own desires. Then love will start to be what you truly want it to be, not just in your head, but in the physical, three-dimensional world. There may still be unexpected encounters or strange twists and turns, but things are looking up.



Where love is concerned, all you have to do is follow your heart, listen to your instinct and trust your integrity. Even though Jupiter is still retrograde in your love angle, there’s also a fresh chance to make a great decision for the better, and relinquish the past.



With Mars moving into your own sign, the energy is exciting, people are more fascinating and you want to join in a few romantic games. In fact, a stranger’s alternative lifestyle appears very appealing. They may be fool-hardy, enviable, larger than life, but you know that whether they’re just another new friend or a possible lover, you must get to know them better. Enjoy the intrigue, you know it amuses you.



Even though Jupiter’s retrograde influence may still be filling you with fears about a long-term commitment, or lack of it, the cosmos is smarter. Thanks to the realistic effects of Venus and Mercury, whether it’s a new lover in your life or just an emotional change to your current one, at last someone will respect and admire your need for independence. It’s time to run a little wild too.



If you want to be ‘in love,’ you now have the chance to make a personal decision. Take responsibility for your actions and choices, and give up that feeling of never getting to the top of some metaphorical staircase. Now you can replace it all by arriving where you want to be.



You’re a romantic and that’s the truth. Which is why the planetary activity this week will bring you a renewed sense of being in love. Either with someone new if single, or if attached, a revitalisation of your passion together. Enjoy the romance, linger in love, and realise that being human isn’t so bad after all.



This week you can say to yourself, ‘how could I have not known what my true feelings are?’ And your current partner or admirer may agree, ’that’s true.’ By the end of the week, it will be time to shout to the wind, ‘It was just a phase of self-doubt I went through. Now it’s time to follow my heart.’



You’ve been wondering whether to leap in at the deep end where one relationship is concerned, thanks to your ruler Jupiter’s influence, but this week is a bit of breakthrough. In fact, it’s now or never to make that serious commitment to your future, either alone, or with someone else. There’s never been a more exciting and seductive beginning to your life, to right wrongs, ditch the blame game, or order deep and long-lasting love from the cosmos.



With this week’s cosmic line-up, suddenly you’re up for living life to the full again. Limbo becomes a dance again, not an in-between zone, and you know what truly makes you feel good to be alive. Venus meanwhile asks, what are your values in love? and you know you have no choice but to answer truthfully.



You are blessed with the drive, energy and knowledge to make sure that you follow up on your wants and desires. At last you know that love is in your hands, not in the lap of the gods. Your choices are your own, so take responsibilty for your own happiness and lead the dance.



Why is it you’re feeling so moody and erratic? One day happy with life as it is, another wondering whether it’s time you followed up a niggling desire for a complete change of lifestyle? Thankfully, you’re not about to cause chaos. Merely release your desires, expose your dreams and tell the world what you’re really about.



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