We are running on a condensed version of our daily posts today…

Yesterday, we were abruptly stopped in our postings. This was the result of two of our computers crashing. I know, I know, we worked one Sunday and didn’t have a darn bit of problems with them, now this. HA! I can’t win for losing. Sunday, we only selected a few computers for that dry run and learning session. It figures the ones you don’t check, are the ones that you should have checked. We are now running three computers short, thanks to us not testing all of them. But I do have good news, I found out why they are crashing! Pat myself on the back for that one, lol!

While I was away for a bit, it seems that our anti-virus flashed on the screens, that it was about to expire. The ladies at the three computers that crashed took it upon themselves to download another anti-virus on to those computers. The anti-virus protection that they downloaded is not the same one we use. So immediately, the computers started crashing, one by one. They didn’t realize that all that stuff is taken care of on my computer. I put it on this one and since we are a network, everything is covered. They had good intentions, I will give them that. But still I have three computers to work on today, plus I have to run the pup to the vet. As you know it is a twenty-five mile trek that a way to the vet’s office.

So due to computers and the vet visit, we are running on our condensed version of our daily posts. The last few times we did this version of our posts, you seemed to enjoy them a lot more than our normal posts. I guess a little change never killed anyone, yet. Keyword, “yet.”

Now that you know what we are doing today, something else I have been aiming to bring up (as I tell everyone, my aim has been off here recently, lol!). But seriously, I don’t know if you know it or not, Lady Beltane (the owner of Coven Life) has taken two weeks off. She has taken these two weeks off because she has come down with a severe bout of depression. I talked to her yesterday and she seems to be doing better. She told me she is getting out of the house, talking to Mother Earth, the trees, grounding and getting herself back together. The last few phone calls I had with her I could tell there was something wrong, just couldn’t pin point it. She is getting treatment for her depression and expects to be back in Coven Life in the next few weeks. If you would, please light a candle and say a prayer for her. She is a wonderful lady and a very good friend. In fact, I feel she is more like a sister than a friend. We have developed a close relationship and I wouldn’t know what to do if anything happened to her. So please, if you have a moment during the day, light a candle for her and say a prayer. I know I want my sister back and I am sure the members of Coven Life want their Lady back as well. I would definitely appreciate your thoughts and prayers for my dear sister.

So with all that said, let’s get this show on the road…..

Love ya,

Lady of the Abyss


4 thoughts on “We are running on a condensed version of our daily posts today…

  1. I wish all the strength to Lady Beltane. I hope that the time off helps. Depression is rough and can definitely drag you down.
    Also–holy Mercury Retrograde! Final day though! Everyone has been having computer issues–bloggers, podcasters, YouTube people, Facebook went down for however long as well. I personally have had my car break down FOUR times during this retrograde. Glad your computers are back up though!


    1. Thank you, Nicola. We talk several times a week on the phone. I could tell there was something that was wrong, just couldn’t figure out what it was. I would appreciate your prayers for her speedy recovery. She does seem like she is doing better but she admits herself she still ain’t out of the woods yet. I had forgotten about the Mercury retrograde. I am glad you mentioned that. I think that is about the time, Lady B got so bad. I know one thing, this retrograde has been rough. I know the astrologers warned us and I sort of blew it off, “ah, it can’t be that bad, HA!” Boy, was I wrong. I remember now that they warned it would play havoc with all the electronic gadgets that you had, well that explains a lot now. I won’t be blowing them off again. This has not only been a bad retrograde for you but also expensive. Four times your car breaks down, good grief. I believe I would probably have to tell them to keep our car till the retrograde passed. But that would be one huge inconvenience. It is strange how the planets have such an effect on our lives. Most people look at the moon and the moon’s phases, they never stop to realize the other planets have the same effect. Some of them even worse than others.

      It is great to see you this morning. I hope you have a very blessed Thursday and hang on, we are almost through this retrograde.
      Lady A

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      1. She absolutely has my thoughts and good vibes coming her way 🙂
        I used to really pay attention to the planets, and then just kind of stopped as I got distracted by oh so many other things. Recently I’ve started paying attention again and finding when things go wrong, or go completely awesome, there’s something going on in the cosmos! I hope the rest of your Thursday went well 🙂


  2. Hi, I’m writing about Lady Beltane and her depression, glad she is getting help.  My first bout with depression was in 1987. My boyfriend was murder I had to identify his body. I have had many bouts, My husband abused me. And I haven’t the words of all the daddy issues, I was raped. It goes on and on.  I’ve learned many tips from doctors, I would love to pass some on to help her. Share the message with her, maybe she will contact me.  I will light a candle for her. Sending lots of Light and Love. 


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