When The Cat is Away, The Mice Will Play….

... but know your limits!

And oh does that saying hold true for this bunch around here! Good Sunday morning, my dear brothers & sisters of the Craft! I hope everyone is having a very lovely & peaceful morning so far. As Eleanor announced Friday(I believe), I was suppose to be out of town till Monday, but the best laid plans of mice and men…..hmm, I do believe I have mice on the brains this morning.

As you can see, I am here, not out of town as planned. I received a panicky phone call from Eleanor. “The computers have crashed, the computers have crashed,” she has a very heavy New Orleans accents and you should hear that yelling at you. I told her to shut the darn things down and go home, I would fix the problem when I got back. As I continued to pack, something else came up. The last occurrence took about an hour or two and by that time, I said, “the hell with it, we are staying here.” You ever had one of those days, you plan something then everything in the book happens to get you out of the mood of doing what you had planned? Well that’s what happened to me anyway. I didn’t have anything spectacular planned for the boys and myself. We were just going back to the mountains for a bit. I just wanted to walked through the vast trails and get in touch with my roots again. It is refreshing to go back home but that will have to wait for a bit. Instead, I ended up at the Game Reserve, by myself, just enjoying nature and all the lovely creatures that the Goddess has blessed us with.

Today is a training day for Eleanor and Lynette. They are such lucky little rats, I mean mice. I want to see what they are doing that the computers keep crashing on them. I know Eleanor has mentioned a new part WordPress has added for posting now. I looked at it and frankly I don’t like it much myself either. But I did show her the part that said, “switch back to old version.” Somehow, she missed that, hmm! I was hoping that, just maybe, I could take a day off every once in a while but, I guess that will have to wait. I will just go outside and sit under my gumball tree and be happy. If you are familiar with gumball trees, you know about the little spiky balls they drop. So sitting under a gumball tree really isn’t all that of a pleasant experience if you happen upon one of them. I could go sit under my willow tree but it is about three foot tall now and has a stake beside it to keep it from breaking. As you know, I lost my big willow to a storm several years back. The one growing now is a cutting from the old one. I might look a little goofy trying to sit under it. But, of course, our neighbors are use to some of the goofiness that goes on around here, lol!

Anyway, mini-vacation spoiled, training day for Eleanor and Lynette and with that said, lets get this show on the road…..

Have a very blessed and relaxing Sunday, my sweets,

Lady of the Abyss

Forgot to mention, in case I do ever get to run off for a day or two and the computers crash again. You can always find the Daily Horoscopes, Get a Jump on Tomorrow, Daily Tarot Card and Daily Rune on the store. It takes about 5 minutes to do each morning, if that long. So I try to keep it up-dated each day. Now you know, when the mice start playing around here, you can go and get your horoscopes at Witches of the Craft’s Online Store.