Wishing You & Yours A Very Blessed Ostara Eve…..

Spring Goddess


Pink and green, yellow and light blue
These are the colors of the Springtime hues

The light returns to a frozen Earth
The Lord and Lady court in lusty mirth

He brushes her face
She brushes his horns
Tis not a thing to shun or scorn

Look there is a songbird
And over there is a hare

Excitement in our souls so sacred and fare

The signs that are given of a promise fulfilled
The rebirth of all nature
Flowers in the fields

But this is a beginning
Your goals don’t forsake
We must continue to water, continue to rake

To nurture and care for the still fragile seeds
Till they grow strong in to our magickal deeds

To pull the weeds and nurture with care
And watch your goals manifest
As we Will, stay Silent, and Dare

So salute the Lord and the Lady
As they explore and make marry
For your life will be prosperous
With strength, hope, and caring

–Raven Spirit

4 thoughts on “Wishing You & Yours A Very Blessed Ostara Eve…..

    1. Thank you, Daniel. I hope you have a very blessed and magickal Ostara Eve. Going to stay up and watch the sun come up. On Ostara, it seems so magickal. I believe it is because we all know Spring is finally here. It is a new beginning and it takes your breath away to see that first glimmer of sun ray on Ostara morn’. If you can’t stay up all night, just get up earlier and catch the sun coming up then. It will be an experience you won’t soon forget. May the Goddess Bless you & yours during this new season ahead, Lady A


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