Oh, I almost forgot to tell you…..

Since Eleanor is here, she has been doing the Tarot readings here on The WOTC. When she is not here, I generally do them. So to keep from getting rusty, I have been putting the daily horoscopes, tarot card and rune on our store site. Over at the store, the divination is put on much earlier than here.  I think this morning I put them on at three o’clock, when I got woke up by a squeaking door. I used the laptop at the house and didn’t think a thing about coming here, bad witch, bad.

I am also adding a few other things on the store to boost visitors to it. Right now there is information about Ostara, the daily horoscopes, get a jump on tomorrow, the daily tarot card, the daily rune plus free spells. The spells I mentioned are spells that would never be put on The WOTC. I have several hexes, curses and the such I want to get out of my system. I figure that would be a good way of doing it. Plus there will be other spells on there besides just hexes and curses, I promise. I honestly just have this evil bone I want to release but I think I did, the only problem is I can’t remember doing it. Maybe if I could, I would get this out of my system, who know. Anyway, I also am going to fix a section on witches and witchcraft. I figure we can get our message out one way or another. People come to the store, perhaps they will stop and read the information and finally find out the truth about us. I haven’t made that page yet but it is coming. Then it still has a chatroom and I was thinking about adding some daily crossword puzzles on it also.

Surely with all those new additions, it will draw people, I hope. But I thought I would let you know about the changes that are going on over at the store, just in case you haven’t been there in a while. Who knows when it is all said and done, we might have a second WOTC. Think the world can handle it, lol!

The horoscopes and the Ostara info (as well as the spells when I get them up) will be easy to find. You just scroll down the page and the link is right on the front page, can’t miss it. Now I am off to work again….

Lady A

Witches of the Craft’s On-line Store


Since it is getting so late, we are going for the divination first then follow up with the info. I can’t get use to this new time, I don’t like it.