Your Daring Dating Horoscopes for the Weekend of March 8th

Your Daring Dating Horoscopes for the Weekend of March 8th

David Wells, Astrologer

From The Astrology Room


Seeking relationship advice from your friends isn’t such a bad idea, if they know you well enough to be critical without overdoing it? This week you’re getting feedback, take it as it’s intended and use it to find your way to someone new as the dating sites and random nights aren’t working.

There are options this week T, does that sound even slightly romantic, options? It could be if you see it as someone who understands you have a choice and he or she goes out of their way to help you pick them? They’re trying to find the right person, they think it’s you. That’s romance.

As long as you ruler is in reverse, and he is, it’s better to leave yourself plenty of time to get to first dates, coffee with mates or that hot new club where hot new club goers go-go. It’s not biggie but getting dressed up, making the effort and not getting in could be annoying. Pay attention to details and timing.

With Saturn so close to Pluto some would say its real soulmate time for you Cancer. It certainly isn’t outside the realms of possibility, but give it a week or two before you decide? Falling head over heels is something that could happen but get yourself the right way up before deciding if it’s permanent.

Venus opposite you and Jupiter in your new love sky is as good as it gets for signs, for omens, for reasons to get out there and see what’s going on. It’s also great for marriage counselling, relationship advice generally, just in case you’re already in a relationship but it doesn’t quite feel like it.

Happily making things about you isn’t going to happen. You’re really not as adept as some when it comes talking about themselves with ease, with confidence and without taking a breath. But you must reveal a little of your wants, your needs; your desires. Someone is interested, show them around.

Next week the Sun moves into your relationship sky. This week Venus is in your new love sky. That’s a combo aching to be exploited as you take something new and move it into something a bit more established, a bit more about dating than just testing out the waters. Armbands off Libra, jump in.

As you sit there watching the coming and going of your mates, their dates, their break-ups and make-ups, isn’t it a good feeling to know you’re not going to be bothered by all of that? This time it will be different, you’re sure about what you do and don’t want. You may be right. Time to find out.

Honestly Sagittarius, still a bit slow on the dating front. That’s the last time I will say that for a good few months so make the most of it but putting your feet in for some maintenance, or your hair up for a new do. Mind you, there’s some gossip around, look who’s suddenly single? Still Interested?

Mars is offering you some relationship advice but it’s coming through your tough ruler Saturn. This set up is something that’s not taking any nonsense but isn’t what you’d called the most romantic of line ups. Soften the edges, consider a pause before you march in and plant a flag.

Venus in your sign offers you some sort of VIP pass, a way through to love interests and the world of dating without doing too much hard work. You don’t really need to know that Aquarius, all you need to do is sashay your way to the front of the queue because surprise, surprise your name is on the list.

The pressure of an ex, some hangover from your relationship with him or her or joint friendships, such cheery things to think about. But think about them you must Pisces as you’re asked to finally cut the chords that bind from all of it. Once done you’re free to explore the world of dating like never before.