Nion (Ash) February 18 to March 17

  • Ogham Letter: Nion (N)
  • Symbolic Meaning: Mastership, Growth, Power
  • Ruling Planet: The Sun & Neptune
  • Ruling Elements: Water & Fire
  • Season: ??
  • Corresponding Star Sign: Pisces / Aries


The third Lunar month is ruled by the Ash Tree. A large, relentless species that roots penetrate deep into the Earth. It’s strongly associated with the vertical link between otherworldly realms such as the underworld, middle earth, and the spiritual world. This gives it the status of the ‘World Tree’.


This tree that is linked to other worldly realms is also medicinal, especially when it comes to treating childhood ailments. In Celtic Lore the tree is given the name of “Cradle of Life” and from it, remedies could be created that would cure children of their illnesses.


Part of the ash are used in protective rituals due to the energies believed to be held within the tree. It’s leaves are thought to bring love and affluence.


Ash Tree Zodiac


Ash signs are empathetic, compassionate and very creative. They are in tune with nature and others around them and often look upon the world with an artistic perspective. They do well in careers of creativity. They constantly strive for self growth and renewal they think freely without much care for what others may think of them. They are viewed as introverts but are often just immersed in their own world and people are intrigued with their enchanting personality.


Ash signs pair well with Willow and Reed signs.