The Daily Motivator for November 19: Live with quality

Live with quality

Live this day with quality. Whatever you do, do it well, with focus, care, respect and consideration.

Your life deserves the highest quality. Give it quality thoughts, quality time, quality relationships, quality actions and adventures.

It makes no sense to rush from one shallow, empty experience to the next. Rather than being afraid of missing out, seek to stir your spirit with deep passion.

Whether you’re sweeping the sidewalk, climbing a mountain, or cooking dinner, you can do it with quality. Each moment is unique and precious, as is your life, so act accordingly.

Commit yourself to living with quality, and you’ll instill a strong sense of purpose into all you do. You’ll empower yourself to transcend the confusion and assemble consequential achievements.

Seek quality, support quality, create quality, and insist on nothing less than quality in what you do. Live with quality in every undertaking, and fulfill your highest and best possibilities.

— Ralph Marston


Source: Daily Motivator