Spirit Message of the Day -You Are a Divine Expression

Spirit Message of the Day -You Are a Divine Expression

The beautifully fragrant Peony flower reminds us that we are each a unique and divine expression of the divine. “We live in very interesting times. Although there is widespread disconnection from our creator and from a simple way of living, something is shifting. Many people are beginning to feel dis-satisfaction at the pace and chaos of contemporary life. Deep within us, there is a part that is demanding more attention, that we are now taking time to seek out. It is like the pearl in the oyster – the perfect expression of the divine within each of us. We are simply out of practice with how to reach it.”

“Peony flower spirit encourages you to rediscover that peaceful temple within to find a personal fulfilment that will far surpass the ups and downs of daily life. If we can gain more connection with our creator, through an ability to feel that presence within, then we will gain a true feeling of interconnectedness with all life, and the little annoyances and judgements will drop away.”

“By picking this card, you are being shown that you will be seeking a more spiritual path in your daily life, tapping into your own divinity. Take time to sit quietly, close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. Begin to recall a time when you felt an expansive sense of bliss, perhaps when you saw an amazing sunset, or an exquisite landscape. What you experience in that moment is your own pure connection with Source. Use this simple exercise as a way of accessing your divinity. Sit in silence and absorb the tranquility and joy of this beingness. We are all divine beings connected with the magnificence of our creator.”


Today’s guidance is from Flower Spirit Cards by Melanie Eclare.

Originally published on SPIRITBLOGGER’S BLOG