Your Love Horoscopes for the Weekend of Nov. 9




Your Love Horoscopes for the Weekend of Nov. 9

by Sarah Bartlett, Astrologer


Jupiter’s move into its home territory of Sagittarius marks the end of dark desires, and promotes joyful pleasures to be revealed, or freely lived out.

This year long influence will bring out the best of some of us, and infuriate others, but we should all benefit from truthful revelations. Yet with the new moon in Scorpio this week, it does pay to keep quiet about your guilty secrets for a week or so.



Jupiter’s move into fiery Sagittarius marks a turning point for you where you can start to realise your relationship goals.  All it takes is focus and self-belief – maybe a journey into yourself too? – but check the sign-posts along the way and where they are leading you.



Getting stuck into a few routine activities could actually be to your advantage. Of course you’d rather devote your time to more romantic matters, but there really are no excuses for avoiding everyday tasks. That way you’ll be ready for the romance, love and gratitude that’s coming your way.



With Jupiter moving into your opposite sign, you realise that however far away someone is, or for however long you don’t actually see them, the power of love permeates time, place and space.  The special ones who have moved away are still with you in spirit and soul. So don’t give up on them – they have their lives to live too.



While a partner or lover may appreciate your confidentiality, they may not be quite so keen on what you’re about to tell them.  Think about it a little before you tell all. It’s not often you get a chance to speak up frankly and get the kind of response you want, but you will if you are honest and true to your desires.



You’re ready for a romantic challenge, but you really don’t want to put your foot in it where loved ones are concerned. You have as much right as everyone else to organise your life, and you don’t need their approval or consent. Get on with doing what you really know in your heart is right for you.



Your crusade for self-value is going well, and the memory of all the tears you have wept in the past has begun to cure any love blindness. See that what you get is what you get, and nothing more, nothing less. Love can then evolve, grow, change and you, happily, with it.



Identify what your love priorities are, and don’t let those good intentions slip. Sometimes you just have to do what’s right for you, so forget about any guilt-trips others are hanging on you. You have to make your own journey and that’s about being devoted to your romantic future, and not looking back.



You’re searching for something right now but you’re not sure what. Perhaps to to feel that you belong to someone or something, or even just to yourself? In fact, this strange uncertainty is nothing new. You’ve felt it before when you wanted desperately to be loved by someone. Time to redress the balance.



Sometimes, we tend to think others belong to some kind of private ‘club’, and we’re not sure if we want to join it or not. With your ruler, Jupiter moving into your own sign, you can at last follow the road to the club to which you truly belong and enjoy meeting yourself, and maybe someone special too?



Time to listen to the melody played between the romance and the ordinary. Here is a place which is self-evolving and guiding you to know yourself and what love means to you. This is your time to enjoy this secret place. In fact, maybe it’s time to realise that you need both the reality of life but also the fantasy of it too.



When desire begins to turn to love, it actually makes sense. And between the cosmic love you have for mankind and the romantic comedy you share with another, there is you. So make this a week for passion, self-awareness, and knowing that long-term love for you is about friendship first, and exclusive bonding second.



Now you’ve seen a way to progress in one love relationship, don’t listen to all kinds of rubbish about why you can’t go down that particular route. And really, if you’ve spotted a way to create a more harmonious lifestyle, then be the first to sit down and talk it through. Avoid going round in circles just because others are so negative.



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