Get a Jump On Tomorrow, Your Daily Horoscopes for Saturday, November 9

 by Jennifer Angel, Astrologer


Sagittarius Moon interacts with both Venus and Mars. An emotional connection can lead to much more.

Venus in your love zone sends romance in your direction, but it would seem that there are financial considerations. If you need to have a monetary discussion, then go ahead and get it out in the open. A connection between Mercury and Jupiter will help you say what you mean.

Venus, the planet of all things beautiful, in your solar sixth house, inspires you to refresh or recreate your image and to concentrate on your overall well-being. A discussion with a friend or loved one can reveal a social arrangement and you will want to look your best.

Spend time with people who share your values. And with Venus in a social area of your chart, it indicates that you can learn more from watching and listening than by keeping your nose in a book. Being with those who don’t get you is hard work. Choose wisely with whom you socialize.

This weekend, family and friends play a bit part, and can introduce you to people you feel in tune with. And although work is very much on your mind right now, you need time to recharge and reflect on life, so don’t fill every minute attending to your responsibilities.

To get the answers you seek from someone, especially someone close to you, then go about it diplomatically. And since planet Venus is in your communication area, her energy will help you deal with a delicate issue in a graceful manner. Family and money matters can come up now, too, and are also good to approach with sensitivity.

People with strong opinions attract you and you enjoy a good debate. With the Moon, Venus and Mars, all interacting, you can sharpen your communication skills. But when discussing a point, be aware the other person may feel passionate about the subject; don’t get too serious – keep it light.

This is a social time as the Moon, Venus and Mars all interact. Invitations from friends can lead to meeting like-minded people. Be careful not to get too bogged down at work and miss out on the fun. It’s the weekend, put aside your responsibilities for now and get out to mix and mingle.

The Moon, Venus and Mars all interact now, which indicates you could have a very social weekend, which can lead to deep discussions. But don’t leave it all up to the stars, you need to be pro-active and choose where your time is best spent and who with.

The Moon in your sign interacting with both Venus and Mars can have you feeling optimistic about life and the next steps of a creative project. Use the weekend to contemplate things before you make a final decision. There could other options, which may only come to light after you take a break.

Your work life is busy, and with the Moon, Venus and Mars all interacting, a discussion can focus your attention on other areas of your life, as money matters and your career will also need your attention, so leave time to attend to business.

Keep your schedule flexible. The Moon, Mars and Venus all interact and can result in changing your plans, especially your personal plans. Make time for socializing and you could meet fascinating people, visit interesting places and have memorable experiences.

If you hear about changes coming up at work, you may be involved in some way. It can work out to be better, especially for your bank account. Spend the weekend planning a course of action. But don’t spend too much time on the variables, as there may be more to come.