A Quick Word Before We Get Started……

I apologize for us running late but…….it is not the ladies’ fault here, it is mine. I have been helping out a dear, dear friend with his website. He has always supported me in all my endeavors and I feel like helping him to grow his new website is a way to say thank you.

I agreed to do five daily topics on his site, each day. They include Daily Horoscopes, Daily Quote of the Day, Daily Inspiration, This Day in History and finally The Old Farmer’s Almanac. It is his hope and mine that his site will eventually turn into a daily on-line newspaper. I know you have heard me mention his site several times but I will mention it again, it is…..

The Commentary Gazette

I think if you visit it, you will be surprised at the topics that are already on the website. This gentleman is retired college professor. He is very opinionated, has commentary on today’s hottest topics and his opinion on these topics does make sense and will make you stop and think.  He also has mythology, ancient history, American history, and many more.

Since I am busting my rump, getting advertising for his site up and running. I would appreciate it if you did me a personal favor, stop by and check his site out. What do you have to lose, you might be surprised when you read some of his article. They just might open your eyes and mind to a new way of thinking. It is a good site, with your help and mine, it is going to be a great site.

Thank you, my sweets,

Love ya,

Lady A


I should add I have also agreed to post the Daily Tarot Cards on Lady Beltane’s site,

Coven Life.

I have fell short on hold up that agreement. Today things change, I will posting the Daily Tarot Cards on her site. Now don’t panic, they will be the same that are posted here. I don’t want you think you have to run all over the place to get your daily divination. But it is only fair that if I mention one site we support that I mention the other. See I am just all over the place, lol!


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