A Call to the Lord & Lady

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A Call To Lord And Lady


She lives and breathes upon the Earth
Her wheel spins round the hub of June
She is the web of life and birth
Her smile floats softly with the moon

Heart of life, and caring mother
Loving sister, noble princess
Firebird spirit, restless lover
Shadowy hidden sorceress

His strength is there in mountains high
His lightning flies from air and cloud
His horn heralds the wild hunt’s ride
He quickens forest, roaring proud

Children’s friend, protecting father
Watchful brother, noble fighter
Laughing wise one, dark magister
Player of pipes, thoughtful shepherd

Their faces many, countless names
Pan, Diana, Zeus, Astarte
Teachers from dreams, oracle’s flames
Speak, and guide us within our hearts

—J.A.B., Author

Originally Published on Pagan Library

2 thoughts on “A Call to the Lord & Lady

  1. Hi Sis,
    This is beautiful! I think it’s time for me to look into buying a couple of pagan poetry books. Any recommendations to get first?
    Love ya,


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