Dark Stars Horoscope for November 2018

Dark Stars Horoscope for November 2018

by Jane Lyle, Astrologer

From The Astrology Room


Others surprise and – hopefully – delight you this November – either in love, or at work. You’ll be in the mood for spontaneous fun and new friends too. Being an assertive Aries you’re likely to say “bring it on!”. But do listen to suggestions from close friends or lovers –  because sometimes things are more exciting if you let go a little and make room for the unexpected. And if there are serious discussions afoot about your career direction, cash, or future plans, then you’ll welcome distractions. Mars enters the mysterious waters of Pisces on 15th November, bringing a huge change of atmosphere for you. You’ve had a long phase highlighting socialising, hanging out with groups, and using social media since Mars entered Aquarius in May 2018. Now, focus shifts. You might want to explore different aspects of your spirituality and creativity, or work towards helping others and putting something back. Lucky Jupiter in Sagittarius (from 8th November) encourages you to explore, study, and travel in 2019. So why not loosen your grip, and see what your imagination can do?

Creating beguiling rituals in everyday life will help you deal with November’s shifts and changes. Your wellbeing is in focus, and your intuition is more than capable of guiding you towards what you need. You might read an article, hear something from a friend, or spot a class you’d enjoy – just set preconceived notions aside, and consider unusual possibilities or alternative treatments. The same attitude will help you with your relationships. You may be keen to make a fresh start in love or friendship, and the mysterious, emotional New Moon on 7th November is making that very clear to you. But pace yourself. Venus turns forward on 16th November, yet it may not be until early December, when she returns to Scorpio, that you’re clear about certain romantic or creative questions. A more fulfilling social life (with romantic potential for some) is about to blossom, so you’re unlikely to be bored. Just keep a very close eye on your finances, especially online, and delay any big changes, investments or outlays until December – or even the new year.

Keep an eye out for those wise-cracking Sagittarians this month. They’re all set to inspire, bamboozle, or amuse you. They may appear in the form of a new romantic interest, or crop up amongst friends and family. Early November offers beauty and romance anyway – even if you’re watching that exquisite sunset or soppy movie on your own, your sensitivity is heightened.  Expect any social plans or travel arrangements to alter at short notice though, for Mercury – your ruler – will be backtracking in Sagittarius from 17th November to 6th December. Your dreams and ambitions may wobble, or you’ll discover that what you’d hoped for isn’t turning out quite as you’d expected. Such thoughts come to a head at the lively Gemini full Moon on 23rd November – an opportunity to clear the decks, rewrite your ‘To Do’ list or organise your symbolic sock drawer. You’re just beginning an important year for all your alliances, with Jupiter in Sagittarius galloping through your house of partnerships. Luck flows through your links with others, but be extra cautious around shared financial commitments. Those could get a bit messy……

There’s a lot written about your nurturing, protective side Cancer. But you’re also ambitious, dynamic, and capable of hanging in there when others are bailing out. However, your astrology suggests that 2018 hasn’t been such an easy ride, for you’ve been dealing with awkward individuals and tricky financial situations. Now you sense change – for the Moon’s nodes in Cancer (6th), plus Mars in fishy Pisces from 15th November, support your own sea-water nature. It’s time to think about widening your focus, or revisiting old projects, skills and talents you’ve had to put on ice in recent years. You’ll feel the tug of the ocean, or the thrill of a deeper love around the time of that bewitching new Moon on 7th November. Yes, people – particularly women – continue to spring surprises, but you’re less interested in attention-seeking individuals and more concerned with future plans and fresh directions. Looking after your wellbeing channels positive forces your way now, and during 2019. Why not make a start?

November’s smoky new Moon in Scorpio highlights your home and family, while stirring up dreams about your links with others. Who supports you? Who understands you? You may feel more reflective than usual, or need to explore what’s hidden – either in your family history, or your own imagination. Some enlightening conversations or connections will help you find your way towards the answers you seek. Jupiter enters fiery Sagittarius on 8th November, warming up your solar house of romance, children, creativity and risk-taking for a whole year ahead. Many of you will feel more outgoing, as Jupiter invites you to scan those glittering far horizons. You might want to travel, sign up for a course, or think about making big changes to your working life in 2019. See what emerges around the 27th November, and also in the days around the Winter Solstice in December. What you hear then could lift your heart, and make you feel more than lucky.

Promoting yourself or your ideas isn’t usually top of your list. Virgo is known as a modest, even shy, sign. However, with Sun in Scorpio and a mystical new Moon there on 7th November, you should be able to team up with someone who can help you sharpen up your image, or attract a wider audience for your talents. You may want to think about working from home, or consider the idea of moving to another location or country. All exciting possibilities, and thanks to your eye for detail you’re unlikely to rush into anything. Mercury, your ruling planet, will be backtracking from 17th November until 6th December in Sagittarius. Possibilities and offers could stall, or plans come unravelled during this phase. Play a waiting game, and don’t dismiss information or news you hear towards the end of November. Much more information appears in December, when an open-minded look at ongoing situations in your life brings amazing benefits that could turn everything around again.

Love, beauty, music and perhaps a little cash are all lovely possibilities for you to enjoy during the first two weeks of November. Venus is in Libra all month, turning forwards on Friday, 16th November. That mid-November weekend looks like an eventful one for many Librans, as does the very end of the month. Either you’ll experience some kind of ‘eureka’ moment, a wild synchronicity that makes you think, or bump into someone (apparently by chance) who can help you make meaningful changes to your life. Opportunities or possibilities that slipped past you in September could be on offer again too. Communication, writing, and friendship is increasingly important now, and on into 2019. Some of you want to get more involved with neighbourhood projects, others feel the need to spend time with old friends or visit family living far away. The more you talk openly about your hopes and ideas, the more help and enthusiasm you generate all around you. And please do take your emotional wellbeing seriously. Prioritise peace and harmony, its what you do best.

Is your creativity flowing? Or are you feeling stale or restless? If you crave change, then why not tune into the mystical new Moon in Scorpio on 7th November? It’s dark, deep, and mysterious. Keep an open mind, and you could discover unexpected new directions or points of view. Acting on your hopes and ambitions becomes easier once Mars (your traditional ruler) enters Pisces on 15th November, supporting your own watery astrological nature, your passions, and your imagination until January. You’ll be smouldering and charismatic! Ongoing disagreements with family or workmates can be sorted out more easily as the weeks pass too. Similarly, any tricky situations with money, large institutions, or gossip will gradually become less shadowy. Continue paying close attention to what people say, news you hear, and information you share though, particularly towards the end of November. Clarity and integrity are vital in your love life, financial dealings, and when teaching or getting your message out there.

Joyful news is the arrival of jolly Jupiter in Sagittarius on 8th November. What you’ve been mulling over this year now emerges from the backrooms of your mind. Jupiter lifts your mood, expanding your view of the world and what you can achieve. Just promise yourself to check things out thoroughly, ask advice, and consider others’ points of view too. Someone new and energetic is around – they are very seductive, so centre yourself before you think about running away with the circus. Mercury backtracks in Sagittarius from 17th November – 6th December, so certain plans or journeys may be delayed or altered. It’s not a helpful time for signing contracts either. Some juicy gossip or fascinating news you hear around the time of that talkative full Moon (23rd) prompts further questions or eccentric choices. A lucky break or good news towards the end of November will be just the start – there’s more to come at the Winter Solstice. There’s no harm in biding your time. Luck is on your side.

You’re on the cusp of an important year for your self-expression, and for your partnerships at home and at work. There’ll be changes, for you’re releasing certain things, attitudes, or habitual routines. And keen as you are to move things along, you may have to wait for others to agree terms and conditions – whether that’s in your relationship, your career, or your personal finances. With Venus and Mercury doing a bit of a soft-shoe shuffle this month, it’s wise to hold off on pushing for contracts or an emotional commitment. Changes at home, or within your family, bring all manner of curious possibilities or sudden swerves – particularly towards the end of the month. Treasures and brilliant ideas are lurking in your imagination, so why not listen to your intuition a little more and see where it leads? Jupiter in Sagittarius will act like an angel on your shoulder all year, and is encouraging you to make time to explore your more spiritual side in 2019. Travel, study, or meditation could all enrich your world.

Brace yourself for a shift in focus, for Mars is finally leaving your sign this November, having been there since May.  Once in Pisces, Mars energises your money house, where your personal values can also be found. What do you value? You’ve forged ahead this year, so are you satisfied with where you are now? A mind-bending Scorpio Moon on 7th November might be a good moment for fresh philosophies or searching out deeper mysteries. You’ll sense a wider world. And if that’s not enough, art and love are all ready to throw some surprises your way towards the end of November. Perhaps you were mistaken about something or someone? Perhaps an old, even karmic, tie is tugging on your heart? Perhaps you want to experiment, explore, or defy conventional norms in some way? Enjoy messing around in your alchemical laboratory, for you need some changes, and will be seeking new directions and radical plans in 2019. Playing with possibilities now is a creative and wise thing to do. Don’t try to nail anything down just yet.

The fabulous fishes of Pisces are leaping up out of the silvery sea as the mystical new Moon (7th) inspires your November imagination. If you feel unappreciated, or as if you’re always working behind the scenes, it’s time to take a deep breath and step forward. Mars is, finally, in Pisces from 15th November to 1st January, boosting your energy and confidence throughout the holiday season. And generous Jupiter, your traditional ruling planet, will liven up your goals, wishes, and life direction from Sagittarius for a whole year, from 8th November. Yes, Mercury is backtracking this month, but don’t stress if certain offers or exciting possibilities seem to fade away or go wrong. Either they just weren’t right for you, or you can look forward to further developments between now and February. Be good to yourself this month, for December brings intriguing news and adventurous ideas for you to explore in 2019.