Hail & Well Met, Brothers & Sisters of the Craft

I come to you this morning from Lynette’s home. I have just left the office. Several severe storms came through the area last night. There has been more storms forecast for today as well. The storms last night knocked down power lines in the area where the office is located. The office this morning is still without power. The power company will only say they are working on this issue. Due to this fact, Lady of the Abyss wanted me to inform you that they will not be on the internet today. As soon as the power is restored, they will be back on the internet as soon as possible. She told me to express to you, her apologizes and to thank you for your understanding.

Lord of the Myst

3 thoughts on “Hail & Well Met, Brothers & Sisters of the Craft

  1. Please tell Lady A I’ll make sure at least 1 thing is posted on WOTC every day until they get power restored at the office. Thank you.
    Peace and good luck with the storms,
    Lady Beltane

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