Let’s Talk Witch – How Can I Tune Into My Psychic Abilities? Learn the Best Techniques


How Can I Tune Into My Psychic Abilities? Learn the Best Techniques

Psychic abilities give you access to dimensions and perceptions well beyond those you can reach with your physical senses (smell, taste, and so on). Because those perceptions are not rooted in the physical body, people often ask “how can I tune into my psychic abilities?

Tuning into psychic abilities can be done at will. It does not require elaborate rituals, years of living on a mountain, or a particular belief. While the history of psychic development includes countless procedures and methods that are complex and sometimes sacred or mysterious, with those methods working for some, you can chose to apply techniques and a rational approach on your path to experiencing other dimensions.

How many potential psychic abilities are there that we can tune into? The short answer is: many. Perceiving energies (chi, prana) is one example, experiencing telepathy, premonition, past life recall, and seeing auras (clairvoyance) amongst others are examples of some other popular ones.

Awakening to Our Abilities

If you are trying to awaken your psychic abilities, a clear theoretical base and practical techniques can help in focusing your efforts. You will have to apply techniques and put some theory into practice. Learning how to work with your energosoma (or bioernergies, chi) can help a lot in this process.

Learning how to unblock your chakras and to reach a deep level of relaxation are also skills that you will need along the way.

How do I Develop my Psychic Abilities?

In order to tune into your psychic abilities the first thing that helps is learning how to relax. Relaxing the physical body will reduce the intensity of the stimuli you receive from it and therefore will make it easier to pick up the non-physical perceptions, which are often felt as very subtle in the beginning. While the relaxation can be learned, most of the time the main impediment is to get into a more serene and focused frame of mind. To start on the physical relaxation front, you can help yourself by taking a warm shower, going for a brisk 20-minute walk, or simply taking a 20 minute nap before you attempt a psychic development exercise.

Physical relaxation will tend to induce a slight misalignment between your physical body and your astral body (psychosoma). This condition is the one that helps to induce altered states of the consciousness that help you to get in touch with your psychic perceptions. The condition of misalignment is a pleasant one, it sometimes feels like you are almost floating, or that your astral body (psychosoma) is rocking very gently from side to side.

At that point another variable that can help you to reach into the psychic realm is learning how to control your energies. You have an energy body (energosoma) and you can learn how to work with it using your will power. Applying techniques such as the VELO, described in a previous article, will help you start to learn how to perceive non-physical things, which is the essence of psychic ability.

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What’s their Usage?

For those who have psychic abilities and are looking for ways to use them, the answer can be a bit longer. In summary, psychic perceptions can be used to understand what happens around you, for your own personal self-knowledge, and to help others.

Since psychic abilities are rooted in non-physical bodies, such as our energy body and astral body (psychosoma), we add the prefix “para”, to indicate that they are beyond physical matter or the physical brain. Due to this characteristic, you will also see this prefix in regards to other terms like parapsychism referenced in our other articles.

How Can I Make My Psychic Abilities Stronger?

Understanding and mastering your energies will give you a strong foundation for a healthy and productive development of your psychic sense. This is the reason why the IAC includes bioenergy work in practically every class that we have. It helps if you are trying to reach an OBE, develop your psychic abilities, or to develop yourself as a consciousness.

At first the sensations of bioenergies may be subtle and it is common to “second-guess” or dismiss our perceptions. With persistence, a bit of theory and techniques, you can reach a point where the sensations of energy moving within you, or being absorbed or externalised, are very clear and can be perceived and described with precision.

Since the energy body (energosoma) is one of the vehicles we use to perceive psychic realities, it can also make it easier for us to learn how to perceive also psychically if this body is “healthy and balanced”.

While a healthy energosoma is a topic for another article altogether, one thing you can do in this regard is to learn how to unblock your chakras.

Access Through OBE Training

Training for OBEs is the best way to learn how to manage deep levels of relaxation while staying lucid and in control. This kind of training also helps you to understand and master, in practice, the natural take off of the astral body. While learning how to take off, you will learn how to reach a condition where your body is partially misaligned and your psychic perception is triggered naturally.

For example, you may start to see your bedroom through clairvoyance, or have a spontaneous premonition experience just because you reached a state where you are perceiving everything with the astral body, and no longer relying on your physical brain to process your sensorial input.

Personal Growth

Parapsychism can help us a lot in putting things into perspective. It can help you to understand in practice that you are not the physical body. While this concept may be clear to some, understanding this intellectually does not bring the same benefits in comparison to learning this directly by first-hand experience via your non-physical bodies.

For example, most people believe in life after death. However, lots of them – if not most of them – are uncomfortable with discussing the subject. Death is not a subject for a cocktail party or something you would discuss in a casual chat with a friend. Sometimes it is hard to talk about this even with those that we have a deep and meaningful relationship with.

Understanding the theory that you are not your physical body and that you, the consciousness, will continue to exist after that “vehicle” ceases to exist is easy. The intellectual understanding, however, will not take off the uneasiness to discuss this topic. Of course, everyone has a natural sense of life preservation and all of us may be, at times, keen to fulfill a certain responsibility in the next few years, or to enjoy the company of certain friends and relatives for a bit longer. Psychic experiences can, however, remove the uneasiness surrounding the transition that we call death. The near-death experience, a deep type of psychic experience, often brings this result. People that experience the NDE value life and their time after the experience, many of them also lose the fear of death itself.

No one would wish for an NDE, since the forced OBE happens due to the clinical death of the physical body. The alternative we have is to learn how to have lucid out-of-body experiences. OBEs can be induced at will, in a comfortable and healthy condition. This will demonstrate in practice that you can exist outside and beyond the physical body.

Meaning and Benefits

Psychic ability does not mean the person possessing the skills is evolved or better than anyone in the general sense. It is a very, very important ability to have, but it is still one ability. It does not indicate the level of ethics, cosmoethics, coherence, discernment nor does it indicate the quality of the help that can be provided. Being aware of other dimensions can help you to improve all those things.

However the personal growth process is something that depends on the individual.

Parapsychism is particularly important if you live in a culture that values physical things above all. Having direct experiences with non-physical dimensions can help you connect with your extraphysical “home town”, and to think more as a multidimensional consciousness, as opposed to a one-dimensional human being.

Psychic Abilities and Discernment

In a way, having psychic abilities is just the beginning. Parapsychic experiences can be very interesting, life-enriching, and can produce positive shifts in our personal paradigm. Once you start having psychic perceptions, the first thing you need is to sharpen your discernment and see how you can learn more about yourself and apply those experiences for your personal growth.

Accessible to All!

While psychic development is something accessible to everyone, understanding the phenomena from a technical perspective and dedicating a few hours per month to work on practical exercises can make a world of difference. Perceiving the non-physical reality around can broaden your perspective in many aspects of life as well as help with your development as a consciousness.


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