Good Monday Morning To All of My Beautiful Brothers & Sisters of the Craft! A Word Before We Get Started

 good morning,
Oh, don’t worry it isn’t like the post I made yesterday. I probably shouldn’t even made the post but I was hot under the collar as you could tell. I think I need to clarify the meaning behind yesterday’s post. The reason I went into the donations, donors, the drop in sales at the store and the low participation in chat was because I wanted to know if anyone had heard the nasty rumor going around. It didn’t come out that way, I should know by now, never open my mouth when I am mad. I have a tendency to let my mouth over run my brain. But we have had a person follow us around for years and constantly try to start trouble. She came into this group several months ago. When I knew her back in the day, we were suppose to be like sisters. This makes it very easy for me to pick up on her presence. I knew the minute she showed up and I wondered what she would pull. She waits for something to happen then always finds a way to turn it around on me. The psychic vamp that was in the other site was the opportunity she was waiting for.

Personally, when someone approached me and said that they had heard there was a psychic vampire and wanted to know their name, I couldn’t remember the vamp’s name. The other person told they had heard it was someone with the name ladyoftheabyss. This is the room I use in the chatroom and I know this woman had been lurking in the chatroom. I don’t run my name together like that only in there. So immediately, I straightened the person out who told me this. I didn’t tell her the whole story but Eleanor was mad as an old wet hen last night and apparently she has told you the whole story. The woman telling me about ladyoftheabyss being labeled as a psychic vampire made me wonder if that might be what was wrong here and on our other site. My intentions was to ask if you had heard the rumor. You see where my intentions went. I don’t generally fly off like that but that just hit home. I know you all know me well enough to know I am no psychic vampire. I also mentioned I didn’t need anyone to vouch for me but….for those of you who did, thank you, you are indeed true friends and I love you for it.

Now for what this post is about, the other witches around here performed a ritual to take care of this woman who has stalked me for all these years. They were outside the cabin when they did so. It was about two or three this morning the boys woke me up and wanted to know what was going on. We heard chanting and boy, could you hear Eleanor. I don’t know what kind of spell they did but I do know they built up enough power, they took out all the electricity at the cabin and the a/c with it. The boys and I have been up all night sweating our rumps off thanks to that spell. I contacted the man who fixed all of the electrical and a/c in the cabin. I got luckily, he is suppose to be here sometime this morning. We are going to start our posts as usual and when he shows up we are going to stop. If he is not at the cabin for too long, then we will continue our posts. I just wanted to let you know that if we take a long break what is going on. I appreciate what the other witches did for me but I told them the next time they get that angry to go further in the woods and do the spell there. I am just the opposite when I get mad, I can turn everything electrical on, they have to take everything electrical out. Plus the heat index is suppose to be in the 100’s today, of all nights for them to decide to do the spell. But they meant well and what the heck, I guess a little sweat never hurt anyone.

Just wanted to up-date you on what is going on, when we do leave the internet for a bit. Oh, and I did write a step by step guide to shopping on the store. I double checked it and Wix’s double checked it and neither of us could find a thing wrong with it. So I made the guide to shopping on the store. The only problem, I can’t remember where on earth I save it too. I will find it eventually and post it. I apologize for my post getting taken the wrong way. I was just curious if you had heard the rumor that is all.

Now, let’s get this party started before the electrical man shows up.

Love ya,

Lady of the Abyss

110% Kentucky Mountain Witch

(I know I am awful, just had to throw that in, lol!)


3 thoughts on “Good Monday Morning To All of My Beautiful Brothers & Sisters of the Craft! A Word Before We Get Started

  1. Once again the Pyschic Vampire was in my coven and had nothing to do with WOTC nor was it Lady A. I take full responsibility for letting it in and its talons burying deep into me putting my students, coven, Lady A, and myself in harm’s way. Lady A was not and is not the pyschic vampire whose powers and abilities were bound and than it was banished into the void on Jult 21st.
    Lady Beltane founder of Coven Life’s website, school, and coven
    See Eleanor when I’m actually online I do speak up.


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