Before We Get the Day Started

I was suppose to make an announcement yesterday about this subject and I completely forgot. Lynette is absent-minded, I guess I have been around her too long. That’s not the announcement as I am sure you can guess. The announcement has to do with the WOTC’S store, Magickal Necessities.

I know Lord Myst announced it would be closing April 16th and it didn’t.. As you know I bound him from all our property and we haven’t seen him since. Really hurts my feelings. Lady Abyss had intentions of closing the store on April 27th. She was very serious about this and doesn’t want you to thing she was just trying to pry money out of you. That is the furthest from the truth. Since circumstances has changed and with your pleas to keep it open, the store will remain open. We had no idea at the time Lady A was going to fall out in the floor dead and need two steins put in. I don’t know if you are familiar with the cost of heart medicine or not but it is expensive. Due to this added expense, we have decided to keep Magickal Necessities open. It will help offset some of the cost of her medicine and hopefully pay for itself to operate.

People who do not run or have ever operated a store, it cost money. In fact, quite a bit. But you wanted the store to stay and we are glad to keep it open for you. We hope it will be successful, offset some of Lady A’s medical expenses and pay for itself. I apologize for all the confusion with the store closing on this date or that date. Lord M had no business or authority to even speak for any of our operations we have  He tried to seize the moment and got bit in return.

I will add the store is under new management. The front page has been redesigned and I know merchandise is being added daily. As Lady A stated before we will now have more time to spend over here. You lucky people.

I wanted to give you that quick up-date on the store. We don’t like to leave people hanging in limbo. Please accept our sincere apologizes in regards to this matter.

Gator Blessings,


I forgot to mention we were trying to raise money to pay our property taxes. We were success in doing just that, thanks to everyone you. Something I will never forget. Thank You!


Now Open

Under New Management