Moon Diary Eclipse Special: Spirit of the Beehive

Moon Diary Eclipse Special: Spirit of the Beehive

The New Moon and Partial Solar Eclipse in Aquarius, 15th February, 2018

by Jane Lyle, Astrologer

From The Astrology Room

Buzzing with edgy, eccentric energy, February’s partial solar eclipse rises at 27 degrees of Aquarius on 15th February, 2018. On many levels its message is ‘express yourself’.

An Aquarian eclipse will always bring a focus on groups of people, or even huge crowds of people. Aquarius is about humanity and community.

So this eclipse brings friendships, alliances, shared projects and teamwork to our attention. How do we connect with each other? What can we create together? What can we learn together? Political parties, unions, and every kind of group and team have much to learn now, and in the months ahead.

Of course, it’s wise to heed traditional astrology’s advice on eclipses too. The days around an eclipse – including Valentine’s Day and Chinese New Year – aren’t a good time to take big, or final, decisions. It’s a time to hold off on pushing for a result, or making your mind up. There’ll likely be some wild and windy weather around this time – both in the world, and in our hearts and minds. Wait for those gusts to die down…….

Aquarius and its electrifying ruler, Uranus, are about technology too. New ideas and inventions push forward, discussions about freedom, revolution, and reform capture attention. Travel, transport, education, and learning are likely fields for invention and disruption now, and over the coming months, for Mercury is in Aquarius, adding it’s chatty, media spin to the meaning of the eclipse.

A Social Media Eclipse

“A million zeros joined together do not, unfortunately, add up to one.
 Ultimately everything depends on the quality of the individual, but our fatally short-sighted age thinks only in terms of large numbers and mass organizations, though one would think that the world had seen more than enough of what a well-disciplined mob can do in the hands of a single madman. Unfortunately, this realization does not seem to have penetrated very far – and our blindness is extremely dangerous.”

– C. G. Jung, ‘The Essential Jung: Selected Writings’ (1983)

This is very much a social media eclipse. The Aquarian Sun and Moon align with communications planet Mercury, and connect to disruptive, techie Uranus in the first zodiac sign of ‘selfies’, Aries. Surprising news and a volatile atmosphere are forecast.

Here, in social media world, are endless thoughts, inspirations, ideas, comments, offers of deals, alliances, and, of course, the insanity of cats. Social media is a kind of global hive, vibrating with the buzz of endless information and opinions spinning around our world. It connects, but at the same time, it isolates and distracts many people from real life, real connections.

This vibrant eclipse means that research and debates about social media, and its effects on our lives and minds, have an increasingly important role to play this year. Jupiter in Scorpio is involved too, squaring up to the eclipse and expanding our passion for debate. Some people will fight hard for deeply held beliefs (whether right or wrong) this eclipse season.

Since eclipses toss wild cards onto the table, much will be both hidden (for a while) and revealed on social media around the time of this energetic eclipse – and during the next six months. There are links back to August 2017, when the potent Leo solar eclipse travelled right across the United States. What was ‘eclipsed’ then may come to light now, or very soon.

The US has an Aquarian Moon. There are several ‘birth’ times for America, so although we’re sure of the 4th July date we can’t be 100 per cent certain of the time, and therefore certain of the degree of the fast-moving Moon. This eclipse, depending on ‘birth time’, could sit right on the US Moon, stirring up a great deal of public debate, probably via the media and social media. Yes, I know.

Quirky Connections

“We think you’ll enjoy looking up from your gadgets for a little while and experience music and our shared love of it IN PERSON”

 Jack White, musician, on banning mobile phones from his forthcoming live shows this year.

Juno, the asteroid that symbolically presides over commitments and major relationships, also aligns exactly with this solar eclipse. Some remarkable news about a famous marriage could finally emerge, with more fascinating pieces of the puzzle surfacing in autumn 2018.

Juno is currently in Aquarius, a sign that prizes independence and freedom but loves company and the exchange of ideas. Juno’s partnership themes can be expressed in Aquarius by the marriage of minds, mental compatibility, and unconventional, yet meaningful, liaisons. Our solar eclipse heralds unusual relationship developments, and important friendships, for many of us whose personal horoscopes are energised by it.

And what about that mysterious portal called the Dragon’s Tail? The South Node of the Moon has its own message for us, as the Dragon’s Tail (or South Node) swishes fatefully in Aquarius. Release, karma, and our links with others are represented by this point in astrological charts.

When a solar eclipse occurs at the South Node we’re reminded of what we’ve learned in the past. We may need to let something, or somebody, go now. With a social sign like Aquarius, people we’ve known may return from the past – either to take up where the relationship left off, or to release blocked emotions and sort out some unfinished business.

If you’ve got planets or points at 24 – 29 degrees in Leo or Aquarius, a blast from the past is blowing your way, or some very intriguing news about an old friend at the very least. It could even be electrifying!

This eclipse energises Aquarian planets in your natal chart. It will also strongly activate Leo planets and points, and to a lesser extent those in Taurus and Scorpio. Look for 24 – 29 degrees of these signs, or simply ask an astrologer. Events and issues highlighted by an eclipse tend to unfold over about six months, until the subsequent eclipse season. In 2018, the next set of eclipses are in July and August.

Six Famous Aquarians with birthdays (and turning points) around this lively eclipse:

Jerry Springer (13th February)

Robbie Williams (13th February)

Christopher Eccleston (16th February)

John McEnroe (16th February)

Paris Hilton (17th February)

Ed Sheeran (17th February)

And Out in the World

February’s Aquarian solar eclipse crackles around our world, sensitising so many national horoscopes – suggesting an international groundswell of reactions from the public, and visible changes in attitudes or assumptions over the coming months.

One particular area worth watching is much of Eastern Europe, and nations that were once part of the Soviet Union. A sizeable chunk of them have planets in Aquarius, even more have planets opposite in leadership Leo – all coming in for some eclipse energy. Let’s see! Here’s a list:

In the Aquarian corner:

Georgia – revolutionary Uranus
Armenia – Uranus
Azerbaijan – Uranus
Ukraine – Venus, Uranus (1918)
Slovakia – Pluto
Czech Republic – Pluto
Poland – Moon’s nodes
Latvia – Moon’s nodes

And here’s an impressive cluster of fourteen countries with Leo planets activated by the eclipse:

Estonia – Jupiter, Mercury
Belarus – Mercury, Jupiter
Latvia – Sun, Jupiter, Mars, Saturn, Mercury
Ukraine – Mercury, Venus, Jupiter (1991)
Moldova – Jupiter
Bulgaria – Venus, Uranus
Azerbaijan – Jupiter
Estonia – Sun
Kyrgysztan – Jupiter
Montenegro, Romania, Serbia – Uranus
Belarus – Venus
Hungary – Saturn



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