Greetings & Well Met Fellow Pagans, Witches, Wiccans & Visitors Alike On This Sunday, January 14th.

Winter Fantasy
If you have forgotten, I am from Louisiana. What does that have to do with anything? Plenty! This damn weather sucks. I am not use to having seven inches of snow outside on my front porch. Nor am I use to having three sheets of ice on the road. This weather sucks! I am not going to say sorry for bitching because I love too. I do know some of you have it a lot rougher than we do, maybe. Our power has been out for almost two days. Lynette just had to rent a house in the opposite ends of the sticks to where we use to be located. We are the last ones they think about reconnecting or trying to get their power back on. We have lived by kerosene lamp and heaters. Cozy, not!


When the power did come back on, we turned on the News to see what was going on in the rest of the world. They were giving the local road reports and I swear you would think people knew how to drive on ice especially truck drivers. On the interstate there was five tractor trailers that had rear ended each other and caused a pile up that lasted for about 4 hours. One running right into the other, one jack-knifing and who knows what the hell the other one did. They had to take one of them to the hospital. Then down the road from here, there was cars off the road everywhere. The open fields on both side of the road blew a huge snow drift in the middle of the road. You would think people seeing a drift taller than their car wouldn’t try to go through it, wrong! There were about 8 cars off the road, then the tow trucks trying to help got stuck. The farmers finally saved the day, they came out with their tractors and pulled everyone out of the drift. They eventually closed the road down. I absolutely hate this weather. Now I remember why I moved to Louisiana.


I did not write this post for you to listen to me bitch, I know all of us are probably bitching about something today. Before the power went out we did receive good news about Lady A. As you know, we went to the doctor and he had several scans and X-rays run on Lady A’s hand. Remember the hand with the gross wire sticking out of her middle finger, yeah that hand. Man, you talking about sick looking but that is not the point here. The point is the scans and the X-rays indicated that everything was sitting back in its proper place. The doctor called to let us know that her hand will have to remain in the case for a few more weeks but he can now remove that awful wire. When he removed the wire, hopefully she can start to move the rest of her fingers better and get her mobility back in them. He has schedule the quick surgery for Monday.


That means we are getting back on the site for a day just to have to take another day off, tomorrow. Since it means Lady A is getting the wire out of her finger and hand, we figure it is worth it. To me, it means she is making good progress and actually doing what she is suppose too, for a change. The surgery to remove the wire is suppose to be brief and I know she will be glad to get rid of it. I believe she has hung it on everything and screamed every time she has. It was a necessity at the time but now it is time for it to go.


So today you see us, tomorrow you don’t. We will be at the hospital, hopefully. We have another snow coming in tomorrow. I know Lord Myst will get us there one way or another, either by car or dog sled. Or else it could snow while we were at the hospital and get snowed in there. That is an awful thought especially since the flu is raging around here. Never the mind, Lady A told me she always let you know what was going on when they/we weren’t on the net. I figured I would do the same. If we don’t get snowed in at the hospital, we will see you Tuesday (and have power).






2 thoughts on “Greetings & Well Met Fellow Pagans, Witches, Wiccans & Visitors Alike On This Sunday, January 14th.

  1. Hi Eleanor,
    I love the humor you put into your bitching! I wish you all safe travels tomorrow and will try to remember to put something up on here when I come with CL.
    Lady B


  2. Thank you Eleanor,
    I know what you mean about the snow, this weather does suck. I hope you have safe travels tomorrow and am glad that Lady A is slowly getting better.


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