It is pretty clear I am no Lady A, speaking of which how is she doing?

Winter Fantasy

We will eventually get back to the WOTC’s regular postings. Right now, everything is chaos around here and it is all Lady A’s fault. No, we took a few days off to spend with her. In the hospital, you have limited access to the patient. If you try to get close to the person and sit on the bed, you have a nurse telling you not too. You have a certain number of people who can visit at a time and so on and so on. In Lady A’s case that was two and one happened to be Lord Myst all the time. We got to the point we were calling him a time hog and he was. The night Lynette and I stayed overnight in the hospital, you would have thought the world had ended. We were given the 3rd degree as to why we spent the night. I don’t know if love is silly stupid or stupid silly. I told him I spent the night to keep Lynette from telling Lady A a bunch of horse shit and getting her upset. His reply, which was typical was, “Oh, I didn’t think about that!”


She got out of the hospital Saturday late. The doctor was running late on his rounds. If it hadn’t been four below here, I would say he was playing golf and forgot. I don’t have a very high opinion of doctors. When she finally did get released, we went straight to McDonald’s because Lady A had been wanting a chocolate milk shake, nothing else, just a milk shake. Lynette got the bright idea since we were so close to Wal-Mart to go and pick up a few clothes for Lady A. I must say our dear Lady might have jumped out a two story window, almost killed herself but she still can give those “go to hell” looks and Lynette got one. She made the comment, she just wanted to go home wherever that happened to be these days. We left McDonald’s and drove to the house. Lynette started hollering, “I picked it out, what do you think?” “I picked it out, what do you think?” I told her if she didn’t shut up, I was going to take her to Louisiana and feed her to the alligators. Lynette has good intentions but when her mouth starts running, she will drive you crazy.


We finally got to the new house around 8 maybe. I know Lady A was hurting from the car ride. We got her in the house. She didn’t look around much just wanted to go lay down. Helping her in bed is a tricky deal, she has an entire cast on her left leg, from ankle to upper thigh. Then not to mention the cast she has on her wrist and hand. The poor thing has a horrible scar on her face. She did have the good sense about her to pick up a brass lamp and bring the window out before she went through it. We are guessing she missed a piece and it caused the cut. I think she has been through enough for 5 life times. She is in a wheelchair part of the time. She does get up and try to put weight on her leg to try to walk. She is getting better at that. She also has a walker and when she uses it, she occasionally forgets she has to walk back. We go to therapy three times a week and see the doctor again in two weeks. He told her not to over do it and forget everything and just concentrate on getting better.


Lynette got the bed, couch, a couple of comfortable chairs, kitchen table and chairs and a TV. But she forgot the dishes, the pots, the pans, the towels, the personal items, and all that good stuff. To cook breakfast Sunday morning, we had to make a mad dash to Wal-Mart to pick up pots and pans just to cook with. Not to mention, the eggs, the bacon, the biscuits, the salt, the pepper and I could go on but you get the idea. I know we will eventually get there.


But all things considered Lady A is doing pretty good. She was doing better when she saw Kade. He missed her so much. We put him on the bed and all he could do was give her kisses and more kisses. She had been worried about him. She knew if anything had happened to him, we would have lied to her and we would have. So they are reunited. She hasn’t mentioned going to the cabin yet. I know she will and I dread that day but it is coming. I hate the cold weather but I hope it stays cold so she won’t want to get out and go see it. I could be wrong, she might never want to see it. We will wait and cross that bridge when it comes up.


We were going to do today’s digest as usual but we found out, we did have any material for 2018. Since no one had been in here since the New Year, we didn’t have shit. So we have got to get new material today and try to start this all over tomorrow. I know Lady A told us all to go back to work so she could have some peace and quiet. I know she needs her rest but we are just glad she is home, we have to run in and check on her to make sure it isn’t a dream.


I believe that is the current up-date on Lady A. She will be off the site for several months, well at least six weeks for her hand to heal. If she get bored, she will be dictating to Jacob and he will be typing for her. She did want me to tell you, thank you for all the beautiful cards and donations. That when the world seems at it darkest, there is always a light in the distance. You were that light for her. I know she laughed at some of the cards, others brought tears to her eyes. She wanted me to truly convey her gratitude and love to each of you.


Let us get our material up-dated and we will give this digest thing another try tomorrow. I want to thank each of you for everything you have done for Lady A. I admit I was wrong when I first showed up here. This is a close knit group and you do love our Lady.







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  1. So happy to hear that Lady A is out of hospital!I have experienced both a broken/smashed leg[ and know that ….that alone is bad enough]…but also, been very close to losing everything in an Australian bushfire.Obviously, this is nothing compared to what Lady A must have experienced…but I can tell you it was bad enough!I feel for her intensely [or I wouldn’t be writing this]Hope she heals quickly,though situations like her’s take many years to completely recover from[if ever!]I hope my donation will help, in some small way….and will try to give a little more next pay day[disabled pension]My leg has never been the same after a motor-bike accident….I hope Lady A has better luck!!!Sending my Blessings……..


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