Lynette has up-date Lady A’s Go Fund Me Page

remain of Kit's CabinLynette has made an up date on Lady A’s go fund me page….

Thank you so much for all of the donations. You will never know how much they are appreciate. We have found out that Kit (Lady A) will be getting out of the hospital in a few days. We managed to scrap up enough money to rent a house for her till she can do better. Right now the house is almost empty because of the cost of renting it. We are in desperate need of some furniture for the house so Kit will be comfortable while recovering. She had to have two surgeries. One of her leg, where the bone was protruding through her leg and they also had to straighten & take out some of the previous rod that were in her leg from the car wreck. Then her second surgery involved her back. She has a three level fusion in her back from several years back. It was discovered that she had fractured the fusion in the fall. That has now been fixed and she came through the surgery great. But in the house, we do not have a bed yet. With these kinds of surgeries, Kit needs a comfortable place to rest and recover. She can’t sleep on the floor. We can do without a TV, a couch or anything else at this point. We need a bed and we need it soon. After all she has suffered and lost, I would like for her to have a comfortable place to rest and get her mind off of the fire and the man who ignited her home. A bed doesn’t sound like much but it is a start for Kit to have something of her own. She can use it in her rented home and then hopefully move it to her new home if and when it is ever rebuilt. Please, I am begging you, give this kind, wonderful lady a place to lay her head and perhaps forget some of the awful experience of that horrible night of the fire. Thank you in advance for your help.

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  1. Hello everyone,
    Please give my best to Kit. She has been thru so much. Certainly only good things will follow these tragedies. Please keep posting updates on her healing and recovery. Many Blessings and love to her.
    Very sincerely,
    Elizabeth Nice

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