For Those Without PayPal & Wish to Send Cards or Cash to Lady A

It was called to my attention that some do not have PayPal. They wanted an address to send cards and cash donations to Lady A. I will post that in just a minute. I want you to know that I know there are good people in the WOTC. I know there are individuals here who care about and actually love Lady A as I do. If it wasn’t for these individuals the WOTC wouldn’t have survived for all these years. To those of you who have supported the WOTC and Lady A, I apologize. I made the comment just a minute ago to Marcia, I should have went through the past donations and purchases before I made my comment. That way I could have stated the names that my comments were not intended for. Again, I apologize to you and I seldom apologize.


I got my ass jumped by a few but I can take it as well as I can dish it out. The ones that jumped were the ones who had supported the WOTC. They were offended by my post but I told them it isn’t right for a handful of people to do it all. I hope they agreed with me. I have been around enough and have seen what has been going on. It seems to me that everyone else tells themselves, “oh well, I don’t have to do anything, the next person will.” Well that is not the case this time. There are thousands upon thousands of people in this group. For a handful of people to do it all, is pitiful. If it took my going off the deep end to wake them up, then I would gladly do it again and I probably will. Next time, I will just mention who my comment is not intended for.


I have one last comment then I will post the address to send cards too. Some of you have corresponded with Lady A and have become good friends with her.They will tell you like I am going to tell you, she is a warm, loving individual. There is nothing she wouldn’t do for you. Meeting her in person, you can feel the love her heart holds. You can help but automatically fall in love with her. She is like a delicate flower you want to care for, love and protect. I believe my anger is because I wasn’t here to protect her. In the past few months, we have been through a lot. We lost Mystie and now we had some meth head try to burn Lady A alive in her own home. After so much has been taken from you and almost taken, you do turn bitter. I go into a rage every time I go to the hospital and see what some son of a bitch done to our beautiful Lady. I get angry every time I hear her poor little dog cough from the smoke inhalation he suffered. Don’t judge me for my anger or my rage, you haven’t seen what I have seen. When you do, you can judge me.


The address to send your cards to is:


Attn: Kit

P. O. Box 331

Kevil, KY 42053


An Introduction & Up-date on Lady Abyss

I am Eleanor. I come from the Bayous of Louisiana, I believe you have heard me referred to as the Swamp Witch from Lady A. I have been with her, Lord M and Mystie for the past 30 years. I also grew up with them. My mother and I left Kentucky and went to Louisiana when I was a teenager. My mother was a practicing witch and taught me everything I know. In later years, I ran into an old bayou witch who was getting ready to pass on. This witch had no one to pass on her talents or belongings to except me. She became a second mother to me. After she passed, I took up her path and followed the teachings of her ways. To be truthfully, I am not a nice witch at all. I am not like Lady A. I came back to Kentucky when I found out what had happened. I plan on staying for a while. Lord M has his hands full with Lady A and the boys. I came to pitch in and help. I love Lady A or Kit as I am sure most of you know her by now. She is my sister, my true sister and there is nothing in the world I wouldn’t do for her.


What I am getting ready to say will probably make some of you mad or even angry but you see I don’t care. You thought Mystie could have a temper, mind is twice as bad. We haven’t decided if we are going to keep the WOTC open or not. If we do, how we are going to run it. As you know Kit was hit last year by a drunken driver and her entire left side was crushed. She has pins, rods and screws holding her arm, hip and leg together. When she went out the window, she landed on that side. The upper thigh bone was completely shattered. In fact, it was protruding through the skin when she arrived at the hospital. She will be very fortunate if she is ever able to put any weight on that leg again. With time the doctor believes she will make a full recovery. He has estimated it could take up to a year if not longer. That is if she doesn’t do anything she shouldn’t and takes therapy. It also includes not sitting at a desk for eight hours a day working for people who could give a damn less for her. I  told you I wasn’t a nice witch and I call it the way I see it. I know in my heart, that Kit loves you. She cares about the WOTC. She formed it and she led it for almost 16 years. She gave it heart, in fact, she was the heart of the WOTC. Every day, no matter how she felt, whether she was in pain or not, she made sure she was here for each and everyone of her brothers and sisters. She gave you love, she gave you a message you will never hear any place else and she gave you 110% of herself every day. Those days are over, she will never know how her brothers & sisters of the Craft deserted her. I will never tell her nor will Lord M or the boys. That will be our little secret. We have agreed that she will never, ever step foot in this building again.


I don’t know what it takes nor do I really care. For someone to be so loving and caring about you and then in her hour of need, you desert her. No, she won’t never know. She has lost everything. Do you want pictures of the bone protruding through her leg. The cuts, the scraps, the bruises? Better yet, do you want pictures of a cabin that use to belong to the best lady and friend I have ever known, burnt to the ground. She was up against a tree with a neighbor’s arm around her while she watched her house burn to the ground and she cried and cried. She is still crying. She feels she has lost everything and I mean everything. Alone, nothing to her name, nothing was left from the fire, everything gone up in flames.  I guess it was the medication, she was talking to me about after she got out of the hospital, she would go live on the streets, she had no place else to go and then broke down in tears. I told her she knew better than that, that I would never let that happen. We figured that perhaps some of you might offer to help out. Well that went up in smoke too. We have received one donation and there is one on its way in the mail. Some day I will tell Lady A the truth but not now. She asks about you and we just smile and tell her everything is fine, going well. I don’t want to tell her the truth that the family she loved, cared for and would have done anything for, didn’t give a damn about her. The truth is the truth and I do call it the way I see it. She needed you and she still does. I don’t believe a couple of witches can help put her life back together but if we all tried we might be able too.


How would you feel if you lost everything you had and then you were deserted by everyone you thought loved and cared for you? Think about it.


One hell of an introduction wasn’t it. But I have been wanting to get a few things off my chest since Lady A’s wreck and I was up here then. She never knew the truth about that either. After Mystie passed away and I think Kit was starting to wake up to the fact that she might have been a fool all these years. She paid for Mystie’s burial out of her own pocket. She used ever credit card she had to bury Mystie. She wouldn’t let us help. That is what kind of lady and person Kit is. She is warm, loving, caring, willing to help no matter what and she gave everything she had for the past 16 years to each and everyone of you. Your blessings and healing energies are appreciated but they don’t rebuild her home or put clothes on her back.


We are still accepting donations and the store is open. One of the boys, Jacob (Mystie’s son) is running it. He is hoping that he can sell enough merchandise to help his new mother recovery some of what she has lost. He has new men’s jewelry on there and some other things but some where along the line, it seems that it has been forgotten and no sales are coming in. Disappointing to a young man trying to do right in this world.


Again, my name is Eleanor, I am the swamp witch. I will be around for a while. After my hateful ass speech if you would like to donate to a great lady, we would appreciate it.



The Swamp Witch


Almost forgot or if you really care, the man who burnt down Lady A’s cabin, we caught. I don’t need to say anymore about that.