About Today

It is 3:00 p.m., and you want to know what happened to us. Short story, no rather long. I did go spend yesterday morning and some of the afternoon with Lady A.  I asked Lady A if she knew when she would be out of the hospital and still she has not been given a definite date. They replace a pin in her left hand while they glued her back together. Now they have her doing therapy on her leg and also her hand. She is livid to say the least. I was there when the doctor (orthopedic) came in. She asked him when she could go home. He told her they would talk about it in a few days. Wasn’t the answer she was wanting to hear. She was upset after the doctor left and I decided to stay a little longer. I believe I was getting ready to leave the hospital around 2 and Lynette showed up. I asked her what she was doing there. She replied she had somethings she wanted to discuss with Lady A. I told her, “over my dead body.” Lynette complicated my plans for leaving. I took my coat off and went back in. Lynette didn’t have much to say while I was in the room. I do believe I know why she was there. She didn’t stay that long. She said she had talked to Lord M and asked if it would be alright for her to spend the night with Lady A. I told her that Kit didn’t need anyone spending the night with her. Where in the hell was she when she did? This conversation took place outside in the hall not in front of Kit. She said she didn’t care what I had to say Lord M told her it was fine if she spent the night. She stated she was going home to get her clothes and she would be back. She left. I went back in and talked to Kit. I told her Lynette was going to spend the night. Kit had the same reply I did, “what the hell for?” I told her I didn’t have any idea what for but I did. I kissed Kit on the forehead and left.


Probably around 8 last night, I left the house for the hospital. Lynette isn’t going to get anything over on me nor is she going to upset Kit. I be damned if that happens. I walked up to Kit’s room before they locked down the hospital. Lynette had done made herself nice and cozy in a chair in the room. Kit has a private room and it is rather large. I asked one of the nurses I have become friendly with, if she could bring in a bed. The nurse asked if Kit had took a turn for the worse. I told her no, nothing like that. She was just down in the dumps and we wanted to cheer her up. The nice nurse brought in a bed. Lynette didn’t know I was there yet. She told the nurse that was so thoughtful. The nurse told her it wasn’t for her. Lynette was shocked and I stepped through the door and told her it was for me. Lynette went to the bathroom. I believe it was to change her pants because she looked like she took a shit in them when she saw me. The nurse fixed the bed for me and told me, if we were both going to stay, we would have to be extra quiet. Kit needed her rest. I told the nurse that was why I was there to make sure Kit wasn’t bothered. Lynette came out of the bathroom and said, “oh, you are spending the night too?” I wanted to say, “you dumb bitch, what do you think?” But I didn’t, I didn’t want to upset Kit. They had already given Kit her pain medicine and a sleep pill. Kit was in and out of it. I remember she woke up once and looked confused and dopey and asked, “you both here?” “What am I dying?” I told Kit to go back to sleep, we were having a sleepover without her. She went back to sleep. Lynette was awake, waiting like a vulture for Kit to wake up. I told Lynette let’s go down and get a coffee. We went and there was no one in the coffee area that time of night. I told Lynette I knew exactly what she was up too and she could forget it. She wasn’t getting rid of me, I was staying while Kit was in the hospital and after she got out. I was taking the position that was offered to me. Lynette dropped her coffee. Lynette’s main purpose on spending the night was to fill Kit’s head with a bunch of shit about me and how the WOTC was being run right now. Kit don’t need that. She needs to relax, not worry about a thing except getting better. She wanted to huff out of there and leave the hospital. I told her no she wasn’t or else Kit would think something was up. She was going to spend the night just like I was, the only difference she was keeping her mouth shut.


We both fell asleep around 5:30 this morning. Kit slept all night and we listened to her snore. Yes, Lady A snores. She will argue up and down she doesn’t but she does. She woke up and asked us, “what time did both of you get here?”  Must be good drugs, she didn’t even know we were there all night. At 6:00, breakfast came in. That seems early for breakfast for me but it is a hospital. Kit was eating breakfast when the doctor came in. We stayed to hear what he had to say. He said her leg was mending very well, along with her ribs. Her hand would have to be in a cast for a few weeks but work those fingers when she could. We asked when she might be released, he said if she keeps making the improvements she has been making, probably sometime next week. We stayed for a bit after the doctor left. We are hoping that maybe Kit will be out of the hospital by the time next year gets here. We told her there was nothing she could do about it. Stop being a difficult patient and accept she was staying till the doctor said she could go home. I told her she might as well stay as long as necessary instead of going home and doing something stupid and have to come back. Then I told her I had been offered Mystie’s old job and I told her I was accepting it. She smiled from ear to ear and started crying. I told her to stop crying everything was going to be fine. She told me after all these years, she had wanted me up here with her. It took something like this for me to move up here. I told her there never was a place for me till now. Kit told me there had always been a place for me, I just had to ask. We hugged for a while, then we said our good-byes for the day.


I got home and told the other women to go home, I was going to bed. Sleeping on a hospital bed all night long isn’t my cup of brew. I went to sleep and didn’t wake up till about an hour ago. We all keep working our magick and help Lady A heal faster and she will be out next week. Never knew how much I missed that woman. Lord M is going to go and spend the night tonight. I told him  about Lynette and if she showed up call me. I know Kit will be glad to get out of the hospital. She will probably lock her room door and never let any of us in because she is tired of looking at us.


That is the up-date on Lady A and we will be back tomorrow to start a new week with you.