Saturday, December 16th, Good Morning!

Hail and Well Met, brothers & sisters. A few up-dates just for old time’s sake. First, Lady A is not getting out of the hospital this weekend. It was her dear buddy the neurologist who insisted that she would. But we have other doctors to consider in this matter, mainly the orthopedic specialist who has put Lady A back together once too often as he stated. She will not be getting out this weekend. He wants to give her upper thigh bone more time to heal because it was broken into and through her skin before he sends her home. He tried to explain to us how he put it back together but it went over our heads. We just agreed with him, what else can you do? Then the neurologist came in and told Lady A, “oh, you’ll be going home this weekend. I know you are happy about that.” She almost came out of the bed after him. We told him the other doctor disagreed and she would be in there till he decided it was time for her to go home. The neurologist flew into a fit and he said he would just see about that. I believe the neurologist has taken one too many of his own drugs. I talked to Eleanor this morning and the orthopedic doctor has been in and he said she was still staying. I guess we know now who is top doctor in that hospital.


Took Lady A’s familiar to the vet yesterday. Someone forgot to tell me that the dog hates men. When you would think of a small Pomeranian, you think they are so cute and adorable. That is what I thought of Kade(the Pom). I always saw him climb up into the car, get in his seat and look so cute. I thought he automatically did that. Was I wrong? I told him we were going bye-bye, Lady A uses it all the time. When I used it, he went and hid under the bed. I had to crawl under the bed and get him. I also got teeth prints on my hand from the adorable pup. I thought I probably scared him. I put him in the car and tried to pet him on the way to the vet’s office. That was a mistake, he took a bite out of me every time he could. Got to the vet’s office and I went in and talked to one of the ladies behind the counter. I told her I had Kade with me but he just didn’t want to cooperate with me. She is the one who told me he hated men. She went and got him out of the car without a moment’s problem. When he saw me, he would growl, snarl and acted like a rabid ball of fur. I stayed out front while they examined him. He did have some congestion in his lungs. The vet put him on a steroid and an antibiotic for a week.  The medicine should clear up his cough. They did a good exam and he was fine. They were nice enough to give him a small sedative so I could get him home and out of the car. Now Eleanor and I are switching spots. She is coming to give Kade his medicine and I am going to stay at the hospital with Lady A. Eleanor told me Lady A was like a grizzly bear after she found out she wasn’t getting out of the hospital this weekend. I might be trading a small, angry ball of fur for a big grizzly bear. I tried to tell Lady A with everything they had to do to her leg and then some redo’s, she wasn’t getting out this weekend but she didn’t believe me.


Her stay in the hospital does give us more time to put furniture in the house Eleanor just had to rent. Eleanor wanted to decorate the place like a palace. I told her that they were not going to live there forever. The plan so far is to demolish what is left of the cabin and rebuild on that site. I don’t know if that would be too much for Lady A to bear or not. I know she loved the spot and I believe if we do rebuild there, it might be what the doctor ordered. But with her doctors, you never know.


I have to go to the hospital now. El (is what we call Eleanor) is ringing on the phone to see if I am on my way. If I don’t up-date you tomorrow, she will. Don’t forget the store is open and doing business. Jacob is filling orders as quickly as you purchase merchandise. He is the only one getting any peace and quiet out of this whole ordeal. He is working his heart out. Every time I tell him to take a break, he tells me, “Mom is going to need this or Mom is going to need that, I can’t.” It is amazing in just a few months time, he is calling Lady A, Mom. He grew up with her and always thought of her as a second mother. The boy has good intentions and I should leave him alone. I should also get going to the hospital.


Lord M


Magickal Necessities


Winter Solstice/Yule Coven Gathering – December 21, 2017 at 7:00 PM CT

Coven Life®

I invite you to include your children and/or grandchildren in our circle this evening. The ritual may seem a bit childish to some of you but I am trying something new for families who wish to raise their families in the ways of The Craft.


1 White Taper Candle

1 Small black candle

2 Candle Holders

Matches or Lighter

1 Small glass of Juice or mead or wine – this can be share with everyone attending at your home or a small glass per person

1 Bite size cookie for each person attending in your home

If you have a child that will be joining us you will need

2 Battery Operated Candle ( one should be painted or markers used to make the stick of the candle black. Do not get on the “candle flame” as this may cause to explode.

If you choose to…

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