Just Letting You Know

We are taking off today to go to the hospital and visit with Lady A. Afterwards, we have somethings to get done in the house that we rented for her. It seems Lynette and Lord Myst have my day planned out for me. Lynette hasn’t introduced herself to you yet. She just popped on here and made the statement she has put up a “Go Fund Me” account for Lady A. Lynette is a Solitary Practitioner who also happens to be Celtic. Lady A mentored her for several years and it seems now she thinks she owns the place. As most of you know, Lady A, Mystie and Lord Myst all came out of the mountains of Eastern Kentucky. It was against the wishes of the grove there that Lady A come down here (Western Kentucky). She told them she was coming with or without their consent. The head of the grove told her if she came, she would bring two protectors with her. Not that Lady A needs anyone’s protection. She is a very powerful witch. The protectors would watch her back and detect any negative or evil will, entities, spirits or anything else around. That way Lady A wouldn’t have to stop her work and deal with the matter. Lord Myst and Mystie would take care of that sort of thing. The grove considered Lady A’s work very important and still do. They believe she is blessed by the Goddess to carry our message forward.


Since Mystie’s passing there is now an opening for a protector for Lady A. I was offered the position first. If I refuse the position, Lynette is next in line for the position. I love Lady A as a sister and would defend her with my life if need be. I am considering if I want to leave my home in Louisiana and move to Kentucky. It would be a big change for me but I believe it would be worth it. I honestly don’t believe Lynette is up to the challenge, even though she disagrees. She has been trying to get me to go back to home, she could handle things from now on out. Her wanting me to leave, makes me leery. I told her I would not consider leaving till Kit (Lady A) was out of the hospital. Now, after being offered this new position, I don’t know if I will be leaving or not. The house we rented for Kit, I can move in there after her cabin is rebuilt. More than likely, you will be stuck with me with for a long time to come. I want to know Kit is safe and if I had been here, I would have seen the fire coming. I could have avoided this whole horrible mess by looking into the future and seeing it coming.


I am going to the hospital now. I haven’t spent hardly anytime with her. Lord Myst has been hogging her all to himself. I plan on staying the biggest part of the morning and some of the afternoon. The other ladies are planning on coming this afternoon. I will tell you it is hard to run everything the WOTC is involved in. I don’t know how Lady A does it all. Hopefully she will back with us soon. Please remember her in your daily prayers.


We will return tomorrow to resume the Daily Digest and also update you on Lady A’s condition.




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