Latest Up-date December 15th

I had grand plans to have the WOTC operational every day this week starting Wednesday. I found out that is much easier said than done. Eleanor called it to my attention that Lady A would need a place to live when she was released from the hospital. Or did I expect her to live in a barn? I told Eleanor I wasn’t concerned about that, I was more concerned with Lady A recovering. A few days after that conversation, the doctors told us if she keeps making the progress she is, she could be released sometimes this weekend. There was one condition, that we do not leave Lady A by herself for a few weeks maybe more. He would see how she has done when she comes back for her check-up. I don’t know if it is fortunate or not, he is a good friend of Lady A’s and he knows exactly how she is. The minute your back is turned, Lady A is going to do what she wants too. We assured him not this time, Eleanor would be staying with her.


Due to the news of the release of Lady A from the hospital, I had to postpone starting the WOTC again. Instead I had to go house hunting. I was going apartment hunting but Eleanor insisted that would not do. If Lady A and she wished to do some rituals, they would not want nosy neighbors around. Not to mention, she wanted a house with plenty of room. I asked her if she wanted a mansion. Which I should have never asked that woman, she gave me a list of requirements for the house. Eleanor has a good heart but she can be over-bearing. We did manage to agree on one thing, we did not want the house to be out here in the woods. We do not want Lady A seeing what remains of her cabin and a house in town is closer to the physical therapy she needs. In my two day search, I did found a house and it did meet Eleanor’s approval. I was able to put a deposit on it. I now have to worry about furnishing it for the ladies.


Depending on what day, Lady A gets out of the hospital. We are planning on starting the WOTC back up Monday. It is getting close to Yule and I know Lady A would be very disappointed if we did not spend some of that day with each of you. We would start back up today but unfortunately I have to take Lady A’s familiar to the vet. He was in the cabin with her that night as you know. He has developed a horrible cough and we believe it is due to the smoke inhalation. Lady A is the animal specialist and since she is not available, to the vet I shall go. We don’t want her to know either. I am hoping the vet can give him a shot or medicine to speed up his recovery.


That is all the news I have for now. No, it isn’t. One of the suppliers we get our merchandise from heard what had happened. They generously donated two lines of their merchandise to us. 100% made from the sales of this merchandise will go to Lady A. The line of merchandise is zodiac symbols. One of the lines is very unique and unusual. It is the Egyptian line of zodiac symbols. These symbols were recently unearthed and interrupted a few years ago. I will leave a link for you to those zodiac symbols, if you are interested. You will also notice the site is redone. Jacob has been busy at work on it. It loads faster which you should enjoy.


That is it for now. Thank you for all your generous donations. Each and everyone is deeply appreciated and needed.

Lord Myst

Star Zodiac Symbols

Egyptian Zodiac Symbols