Happy Tuesday Morning Y’all! Ain’t You Lucky We Made it, I think, hmm….


(I should have done this like I do all my emails, “didn’t proofread, read at your own peril, lol!” Ask Lady Beltane, she’ll tell you. She’s got several of them like that).

It’s been Tuesday morning for me since about two o’clock this morning. I accidentally feel asleep in the floor last night. I woke up around two and straightened up the cabin. Climbed up the ladder to the loft, carrying Kade, got up there and got all nice and comfy, then…….a GROWL came through the lower floor window. I always crack a window, love fresh air. I stopped because I thought I was imagining things then it happened again, except louder and Kade heard it, he growled back. I thought I had heard every kind of critter there is but I didn’t know what this was a growling. I automatically woke up real quick and loaded the shotgun. Yes, I am a witch with a broom and a shotgun(never know when a bat might fly in your path and you have to take him out, lol!). I opened the door and went outside, walked around, didn’t see a thing. I had the flashlight and I did see human footprints and as I was stopped I saw the bushes moving. I know the direction the bushes were moving, there is no houses or anything except empty woods. So I emptied the barrel in that direction, above the movement, of course, didn’t want you reading about me in the paper this morning. Funny, those growls when from “grrrrrr to lets get the hell out of here!” Must have been a man animal, what’cha think? There is a farmer out here that has a tendency to like to come and peep in my windows at night. I told him I knew it was him and I was going to fill his butt with buckshot one of these days but….the dumb ass keeps it up. Some people never learn. So I have been up all night, once I get fired up(literally) and I couldn’t go back to sleep.

Anyway, you don’t care about how long I have been up and that ain’t the purpose of this post anyway. First, we are doing things a little different this morning as far as the postings go. We are going to do the Astronomy and Horoscopes, then in between we are going to through in a little Yule material. Hey after shooting off a shotgun at 2 in the morning, I am trying to get in the Yule spirit, lol!

Next the ladies did call it to my attention that perhaps the post I made about the store yesterday was misunderstood. They said that you might have thought I meant you had to buy the jewelry to get qualified for the $100 gift card, NO! NO! NO! That’s not what I meant at all. You can buy anything you want, a box of incense, and still qualify for the gift card. I was just tickled that we got the rights to carry this line of jewelry that’s all. And oh, yeah, boys, they carry some fabulous jewelry for you too. I was looking at it this morning and they have rings, watches, leather bands with sterling silver on them(which can be engraved), cuff links, you name it, they got it. I am about half way jealous. But we will be adding that also. If you haven’t figured it out yet, we are trying to provide you with the best merchandise out there. We don’t want to sell junk and we don’t. You have no idea how many deals and negotiations I have made to sell some of the merchandise we do and it is so we can provide you with quality merchandise. So if you misunderstood me yesterday, I am sorry. You can buy anything in the store and still qualify for the gift card.  But do check out the jewelry, what is on there right now does not even begin to cover what they carry. Fantastic line, fantastic supplier, we were very lucky to have gotten them.

Now with that all said and done and I try to get in the Yule spirit, let’s get this show on the road. Have a super blessed day, my sweets…..

Love ya,

Lady A


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