I Will Admit, Our Schedule Is Going To Be A Little Strange Today Because of Me……

Full moon
To tell you the truth, we don’t know what we are doing today, lol! I know it ain’t funny. I don’t understand why that man on TV got under my skin so. Well, I take that back I do too. It was his fault, he started talking about blessings, anointments and a few other things that sounded like Paganism to me. Then that through me back into our past on how much had been stolen from us, I got angry. They still try to steal from us today. Every time an Equinox comes around the date has been changed or a Sabbat. What gives them the right to change something they know nothing about?

So yes, I got angry and I put that anger to good use, we did a morning Banishing ritual with fire. We went outside in the back yard and built a huge fire. We did a ceremony and each of us had an item or items that we wanted banished from our lives or no longer served us. I had several and I believe I took the longest. I can imagine the others were thinking, “is this woman ever going to finish, Good Grief!” But that is why we are running late, we did the morning banishing ritual at the crack of dawn. No wonder our neighbors don’t mess with us, lol! Way I like it too!

It just dawned on me, there is a lesson in this for all of us. I am occasionally talking about taking your emotions and turning them or directing them toward your spell. Well, I took my anger and directed it toward the banishing spell and immediately I could feel my heart and soul lighten. Just like a gush came over me, it was a relief and I feel 100% better. I not only banished the items that no longer served me but I also banished the ill will I was carrying around with me and didn’t even realize it.

It doesn’t have to be anger, it can be passion or desire, or any other emotion you have bottled up. Tonight, take that bottled up emotion and use it in your spells. Direct that energy toward your spell work. Don’t stop the energy coming from you, let it flow. Let if flow till it is totally consecrated in your spell. You will know when you are free of that emotion or energy, you will feel relaxed and at peace. But before you get to feeling to relaxed, remember your spell now has a lot of energy built up in it, release it to the winds and then relax and ground. You will feel so much better, I promise you. You would not believe how relaxed I am right now.

One more thing then I will shut up, I promise, lol! Since tonight is a special Full Moon, some of us are going to do a renewal of our self dedication to the Craft. Even as long as I have been in the Craft and a Witch, I still do renew my commitment to the Craft and the Goddess. So tonight would be a perfect and beautiful night to do that, if you have time. Also don’t forget to do your house blessings, clear out any excessive magickal residue that might be hanging around. You know that stuff does build up. Then go outside and go around your house with your salt. Don’t discard the salt to the wind. Old hillbilly belief and it works…..take the rest of your salt and go in your home. At each corner of your home, take a small dab of salt and lay it in that corner. When you do ask that your home be blessed with prosperity (this is done in the East corner of your home). Now move to the next room which has an outer corner facing South. Take a dab of the salt and place in it a neat pile and ask that your home be protected from all harm. Next move to the room which has an outer corner facing West. Put a dab of salt there and ask that your home be blessed with happiness. Finally, go the the room that has  a corner facing the North. Repeat the process of making your salt hill and ask that your home be filled with love. Give it about two to three weeks and I guarantee you, you will see a difference. Oh, by the way, I am horrible on directions. My house is built strange. All I know is I go to the East corner, start there and work my way around clockwise. You also don’t have to ask for what I suggested. If you need anything else besides prosperity, love, happiness and whatever the other one was, then feel free to substitute.

Ok, I am shutting up for now, believe it or now.

Love ya,

Lady A