To All Those Serve Now & In The Past, For Those Who Gave the Ultimate Sacrifice, We Pause to Honor You & Most of All Say Thank You!

Today is the day we honor,
the noble and the brave,
the men and women who dedicated their lives,
and the sacrifices that they have made.
When America had an urgent need,
they were first to raise their hand,
without thinking twice about it,
they were proud to take a stand.
Some came back from war with battle scars,
others in flagged draped coffins,
even though they have left this world,
their spirits will never be forgotten
They unselfishly and knowingly,
put their lives on the line,
so when you see a Veteran, thank them
cause without them, freedom would have died.


Our gratitude and thanks goes out to all the Veterans of the Wars and those still serving till this day. You do so much for us each and every day, it doesn’t seem right to have only one day to pay tribute to you, your families and all you do for us. Every time a uniform is put on or one is seen in public, we should stop, shake your hand and say Thank You! Not just one day but every day of the year, you sacrifice so much for us. A simple Thank You is the least we can do.

May the Goddess bless each and everyone of you, keep you safe from harm and bring you home to us!

Happy Veteran’s Day!