This is an afterthought from the first post……..

I know I occasionally ask a lot of you but you have to understand the importance of what I ask. I know most of you and your circumstances. I also know some of you wouldn’t feel comfortable spreading the message I am asking you too. So I have a solution to that problem, drop off our address on the internet, That’s all you will have to do. Get them here and then I will do the preaching to them. I know why I was put on this Earth and I have strayed a little from that Path. I feel if I hadn’t then perhaps the world wouldn’t be in such a mess.

My purpose and I have known it all along is to spread the truth about the Craft, to spread the word of our Goddess and bring people back to the oldest religion on this planet. Get them here and they will hear our message. You have my word on that.

Lady A


We are going to skip over to the horoscopes, then we will get back to some sort of normal tomorrow. Oh, have I told you I love you today? if not,

I love you,

Lady A


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