Good Monday Morning To All Our Sweet & Precious Family! May The Goddess Bless You & Yours Today & Always!

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Good morning brothers & sisters of The Craft! Honestly, I was trying to figure out every way in the world to avoid this day, until I saw how many people were sitting on this site. I know why you are here, you are here to hear one person give you words of comfort for this crazy, insane world we now find ourselves living in. Right now, I don’t have any.

I know the tragedy in Texas happened in a church yesterday but it hit home for me all to well. I know most of you know I grew up in a half and half house, half witch, half Baptist. You know the rest of the story so I won’t go into that. But when I saw the front of that little country church, I flashed back in my mind. That church looked just like the one my father took us to on Sunday mornings, just exactly like it. And that hit home hard, very hard. I could see the preacher standing at the door, friends and neighbors inside and it hurt. I cannot even begin to imagine what those poor people are going through. I can’t imagine what possess a man, no, he wasn’t a man, he was the worse monster to ever walk this planet, to shoot a small child four times. My Goddess, four times! I prayed, I cried and I begged the Goddess to give that poor child the strength and will to pull through. I have searched this morning to see if there was anything else said about him. I can’t find anything.

It was another faith that faced that horror yesterday but it doesn’t matter. We are all connected because we are all part of mankind. Those people that were shot and killed and their families are part of us. Then after the tragedy has happened you automatically hear about gun control. If it hadn’t been for those two men with their own guns that shot that monster no telling how many lives would have been lost. We are given the 2nd Amendment so we can protect ourselves from such monsters that are unleashed on the innocent ones in this world. Thank the Goddess for those two men with their own guns.

I use to think at one time I had no idea why the world had turned into such a mess and it is a mess. I stopped yesterday morning before the shootings and listened to a local preacher. I believe the Goddess told me to listen to him. He preached nothing but gloom and doom. The end of the world is upon us, it is coming soon. Maybe their world is coming to an end but ours isn’t. We have hope, we have the promise from our Almighty Mother of reincarnation. I know this to be true, for I am an old soul. We are guaranteed life, we are guaranteed a very glorious and beautiful journey but in the meantime the world is hearing it is coming to an end.

Every day we have at least 40 to 50 people coming from the mainstream religions to join us. They are hunting, searching for a better way. I have never spoke out against any of the mainstream religions till now but with that many people hunting and searching for something better that tells me, mainstream religion is failing. It is our time to let our message be heard and give the world hope, pick up the pieces and restore balance. Even a sane person who hears gloom and doom all the time will eventually go mad and come to commit such horrors as we saw yesterday. I am sick of those horrors which seem like are now an every day occurrence. The world has to know there is so much more to it than just gloom and doom. We have to be the ones to spread the message. Then perhaps when people are given hope the killings will stop. People will have something to live for. They will once again value life. They will come to realize how precious it is and every moment we have of it, we should enjoy and life to the fullest, not waste it, not kill children who have not even begun to live yet.

I don’t know, I am just a witch but I do know one thing, the killings have to stop. The innocent dying now on a daily basis has to stop, the wars has to stop, all the horror in this world has to cease. Perhaps giving the people hope is the answer, perhaps it isn’t but it worth a try. I know the Goddess put each and everyone of us on this planet for a reason and I know that reason wasn’t for us to kill each other. It was to spread the joy, the love and the peace She offers.

I have said many times one person or one witch cannot do this by herself. I ask you as my brothers and sisters of the Craft to join with the WOTC and myself to spread the word of our Goddess. Give the world hope once again. Give the world love. Perhaps hope and love can change the world. Nothing else has worked so far, it is worth a try, not only for ourselves but our children and their children. We have to make the world a better place for that is our commitment to the Goddess and mankind.

Please pray for the victims of the horrible tragedy that occurred in Texas yesterday. Remember the souls that were needlessly lost and their loved ones left behind. Let our love, our thoughts and our prayers be with them at this time.

In the Goddess’ Almighty Name, I ask this of you,

Lady of the Abyss




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  1. Thank you for speaking what so many feel and for giving the masses a glimmer of truth and blessings that come from the craft.


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