On Thursday, July 6th, We Celebrate the Goddess Haumea

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On Thursday, July 6th, We Celebrate the Goddess Haumea


HAUMEA, A POLYNESIAN GODDESS, was credited with teaching women how to give birth by pushing their babies out from between their legs. Before this, folklore claims that children were cut from their wombs, extracted by knife like a pit from ripe fruit. Thanks to Haumea, women were able to forego this dangerous life passage.

Haumea mated with the god Kane Milohai. Their numerous children included Hi’iaka, who taught the hula dance to the Hawaiians, and Pele, the tempestuous fire goddess associated with volcanoes. One myth claims that Pele was born from the goddess’s armpit, suggesting the overwhelming fertility of Haumea—life was created from all of her body, not just her womb. In some ways, Pele reflected the mirror aspect of Haumea. Just as Haumea creates life, Pele destroys with fire. Haumea was also credited with giving birth to many fantastic creatures who populated the earth.

Also a goddess of vegetation, Haumea is honored as the mother of Hawaii. It is appropriate that a goddess so closely associated with fertility would be tied to this verdant island paradise.



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Kris Waldherr