Your Daily Horoscopes for Friday, May 5th

Your Daily Horoscopes for Friday, May 5th




Aries Horoscope

Observe and learn rather than jump into action in the first half of today, dear Aries. With the Sun in an awkward angle to Jupiter, two very different drives compete for your attention, possibly leaving you exhausted. You need to remind yourself that good principles, common sense, and fairness should be at the heart of your plans, as these are qualities that make you feel the best about yourself. Impulsiveness with your money is possible now, and this may not sit well in a relationship. Whether to attend to business matters or relationships can be a question for some of you. Adjustments may need to be made if you sense that there’s something a little off. Before rushing forward, attend to your priorities, which are sure to become clearer later today, when decisions can be made quite painlessly, and you have a solid handle on your situation.


Taurus HoroscopeThe first half of the day is another time for tackling things one step at a time instead of pushing things, dear Taurus. You may act as a middleman or go-between right now. Jupiter’s transit this year brings more enjoyment of work and service and also a bigger workload, but with the Sun in your sign these days, you’re seeking some independence and room for spontaneity. If you have too much to do these days, you’ll feel it especially now. Figure out what are your exact priorities so that you can focus on them until you have more wiggle room or you feel stronger and more resolved to divide your time in better ways. Once past the indecision of the first half of the day, you are in great shape for expressing yourself and creative or romantic pursuits.



Taking a step back from a problem this morning is perhaps the better strategy right now, dear Gemini. Solutions to problems are more likely to arrive if you aren’t obsessing over them. Jupiter in your creative sector this year has stimulated your love of creating, sharing, and enjoying life, but the Sun in your retiring, private solar twelfth house these days draws you inside yourself or in the role of observer more than participant. With two conflicting drives in play, you can feel unsure about your next step, and you might feel a drop in motivation and energy levels. However, these drives are not mutually exclusive, and you may very well learn a bit about your priorities through dilemmas of the day. As the day advances, excellent energy for bonding with loved ones is with you.



Try not to think too far ahead this morning, dear Cancer, and aim for one step at a time if you’re feeling overwhelmed by choices. Jupiter’s transit this year makes it very easy for you to enjoy life at home or sticking with familiar places, people, and situations, and this influence sticks with you until October. However, the Sun is in your social sector this month and encourages you to experiment, reach out beyond your usual boundaries, and connect with friends or groups. Today, you may feel torn between two equally powerful drives, and this leaves you sitting on the fence. However, this dilemma can gently force a good think session about your priorities. As the day advances, you’re in a more certain, natural frame of mind and timing improves as a result. People come through for you.


Leo Glyph Symbol Horoscope

The first half of the day can present a dilemma, or you could feel in limbo, unable to make a clear decision, dear Leo, with the Sun (your ruler) in awkward aspect to Jupiter. Career matters or responsibilities and attention to daily affairs and connections can conflict, or you may want to do it all when you just don’t have the time to do so. Your ambitions are great these days with the Sun at the top of your chart encouraging you to define and reach towards your goals, but Jupiter’s presence in your communications sector this year can augment your enjoyment of connecting with others and personal interests and lighthearted activities. While you can fall a little flat as you feel torn between two different drives, you might also get a better sense of your priorities through your deliberations and ruminations. As the day advances, you’re in particularly good shape with money and work.


Virgo Symbol Horoscope

There are competing messages with you this morning, dear Virgo. Jupiter has been transiting your solar second house, stimulating enjoyment of building up your resources and the comforts of the moment. The Sun in your spirit sector encourages more spontaneity and exploration, however, and today, a dilemma may arise related to these two conflicting drives. While you can feel a little drained and find it difficult to know where to begin, the thinking you do now may get you closer to understanding your real priorities. Simplifying seems best now, at least until you feel that conviction and energy have returned. It can be difficult to find a balance between responsibility and pleasure, as it may involve cutting out some activities or toning things down, but as the day advances, you get into a much more productive frame of mind. The Moon in your sign forms a grand trine with the Sun and Pluto. You quickly gain the support and cooperation of others.



Jupiter in your sign this year frequently gets you going, encouraging you to explore new opportunities and possibilities, dear Libra. However, this month, the Sun encourages more of the role of an observer than a participant, as well as strategy and focus. With the Sun and Jupiter in a clashing angle today, you can feel a little off and uncertain of your next step. Disconnects with others may be that you are seeking out both independence and intimacy, and signals are a little mixed. Energy and motivation levels are subject to dips now until you sort out how to combine these drives or satisfy them in different ways. Certainty gradually comes as the day advances, but it’s still a time for laying low. Today’s energy favors enhancing or improving existing resources rather than beginning new endeavors.


Scorpio Horoscope

Jupiter in your retiring, private solar twelfth house this year (until October) encourages you to frequently spend time with yourself and personal reflection, dear Scorpio. However, the Sun’s transit of your partnership sector this month stimulates the need for companionship or someone else’s perspective and input. There could be a sense that people are demanding too much from you or you can feel strongly divided between needing privacy and sharing with others. Look for a way to compromise for best results, as both needs are valid. These drives seem mutually exclusive now, but there are ways of balancing and managing your life without undermining your happiness. Later today is good for taking a break to refresh and rejuvenate yourself through good conversations and making connections.


Sagittarius Horoscope

Jupiter in your social sector this year (until October) suggests vast enjoyment of inventing new ideas and plans and of your friendships and networking activities, dear Sagittarius. However, the Sun is in your work and health sector this month, encouraging more focus on routines, work, responsibilities, and practical concerns. This can present a dilemma today as the Sun and Jupiter form a clashing, awkward angle. You could feel torn between attention to your chores and your social life or larger goals. If you find ways to combine these things or cut back on time spent on both so that you don’t overdo either one, you’re in a perfect place. In fact, you might learn about your priorities today. As the day advances, decision-making smooths out as things feel more natural and not so forced. Practical matters tend to win your attention.


Capricorn Horoscope

Jupiter’s transit of the top of your solar chart this year (until October) promotes the enjoyment of pursuing your goals and ambitions, dear Capricorn, as well as a particular love of order and discipline. However, this month, the Sun is encouraging you to get creative and enjoy leisure time — or romance for some of you. If you heartily pursue either of these things, you’ll feel that you’re missing out on opportunities, so the key is to either combine them or divide your time between them in a balanced way. You won’t get the chance to enjoy either if you feel overwhelmed, so look for ways to simplify. As the day moves forward, you come into your own. The Moon in your spirit sector connects wonderfully with Pluto in your sign and the Sun in your creative sector, setting up gorgeous opportunities for expressing yourself.



Jupiter’s transit of your adventure sector this year (until October) encourages you to seek out activities and interests that keep you feeling that you’re living spiritedly, growing, and improving, dear Aquarius. Your approach to life is more spontaneous and open, and you value your freedom to branch out and explore new things. However, the Sun this month turns your attention to home life and the enjoyment of familiar settings and situations. The dilemma between seeking comfort and wanting to move out of your comfort zone can be pronounced or a resolution is forced now with the Sun and Jupiter in aspect. Finding a balance between comfort and escape or adventure can be tricky but not impossible now. Avoiding taking on new projects or commitments can be important now so that you don’t add even more to your plate. As the day advances, you feel more satisfied, but you also benefit from some time to yourself for getting yourself centered.



Jupiter in your intimacy sector this year (until October) encourages you to seek out more meaning and depth from your projects, relationships, and life itself, dear Pisces. However, this month’s Sun transit turns your attention to the lighter side of life and encourages your need for variety. These drives clash in many ways, but while it may seem difficult to satisfy both, you can manage to find a better balance if you set your mind to the task. If you have been scattering your energies or keeping to yourself too much, you’ll feel that you’re missing out, so tone things down and divide your time more efficiently. Any dilemma encountered in the first half of the day can, in fact, help you get closer to understanding what you actually want or need. Fortunately, as the day moves forward, your tendency to overthink things drops away and your sense of timing and feelings of satisfaction improve as a result.