On Friday, August 26th, We Celebrate…

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On Friday, August 26th, We Celebrate…

Birthday of Krishna (India)

Themes: Spirituality; Love; Relationship; Passion; Pleasure

Symbols: Yellow; Lotus

About Kamala: The Hindu “lotus girl” of pleasure promotes ongoing faithfulness in our relationships inspired by mutual enjoyment and an abundance of love. Kamala also makes us aware of the spiritual dimensions in our physical exchanges that sometimes get overlooked.

To Do Today: In India, today is a time to celebrate the birth of Krishna, the most charming and kind incarnation of Vishnu. Kamala, as one of Lakshimi’s incarnations, joins in this festivity as his lover and companion. To participate in the gala, eat Indian food, especially hot, spicy items that ignite passion (although you may want to follow this meal with breath mints and antacids). Anything that includes cinnamon, garlic, or saffron is a good alternative choice, as these items bear Kamala’s lusty energy.

To improve your ability to give and receive love, including self-love, wear yellow-colored clothing today, especially an item that is worn near the heart chakra (a blouse, shirt, tie, bra, or perhaps a gold necklace or tie tack). As you don that item, say,

Let pleasure flow freely from my heart;
Kamala, abide there—your love impart.

Wear this same piece of clothing or jewelry again anytime you enact spells or rituals focused on sexuality or relationships.


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Patricia Telesco