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I love using Witch-bottles, I always have a couple on the go in my house for protection, clearing out negative energies and bringing happiness to the home.

Again these are so easy to make, you don’t need special pretty bottles you can just use old clean jam jars. Mine are in old jam jars so I tuck them away under furniture, but if you do have some pretty bottles you could decorate them and make them a feature.

Generally speaking, the modern day Witch-bottles are very similar to historical Witch-bottles in their basic structure, even though their intended purpose has changed. The most common purpose for constructing a Witch-bottle today is capturing negative energies targeted at the constructor of the bottle, her family or her home. Some Witch-bottles are intended to change negative energy into positive energy and then release it into the surrounding area.

The basic structure of Witch-bottles can be used for purposes other than protective: for financial gain, for helping with artistic creativity, to call forth positive energy, for improving health, etc.

Basically a Witch-bottle is a container of some sort, usually a jar or a bottle, which is filled with objects that fulfil a given magical purpose. The person making the Witch-bottle or, in other words, the one casting the bottled spell, can charge the objects magically beforehand and build the bottle to work on this charging until the need of renewing the spell arises. Witch- bottles can also be built to recharge themselves by the energy they ‘capture’ for as long as the bottle stays unbroken, whether it is years or centuries.

The typical contents of the basic protective Witch-bottle today are quite similar to that of the traditional one: nails, sand or different coloured sands, crystals, stones, knotted threads, herbs, spices, resin, flowers, candle wax, incense, votive candles, salt, vinegar, oil, coins, saw dust, ashes etc. Actually, everything used in ‘normal spells’ can be used in this bottled version of a spell, the Witch-bottle.

Original witch bottles were used to keep witches away. They also used to contain all sorts of bodily fluids, hair and finger nail clippings – you can still use these if you wish.

Basically, start with your jar or bottle, then charge each item before you add it, layering up the ingredients as you go.

It really is up to you what you put in. I like to put in three nails to attract negativity and for protection. I also put in a piece of string with three knots in, knotting in my intent with each tie. If it is for prosperity I often drop in a silver coin. I usually put salt in for protection, cleansing and purification. I also like to add some kind of dried pulse – lentils or beans to soak up any negative energy. Garlic is good for protection too. Then add any herbs, spices and flowers that correspond with your intent—rose petals for love, cinnamon for success, mint and basil for prosperity, etc. Keep filling the jar of bottle up until you reach the top then put the lid on. If I am using a jam jar I like to draw a pentacle on the lid. If I am using a bottle with a cork I like to seal the cork lid with dripped wax.

If you are making the Witch-bottle for protection for your own home you might like to put in a pebble from the garden, a couple of fallen leaves from the tree in your yard and a bit of cobweb from inside the house, it makes it all more personal and ties the bottle to the energies of the home. This also gives me a good excuse for having cobwebs in the house. I need them for the Witch-bottles…

A twist on the Witch-bottle is a money jar.

Use a clean, cleansed jar and half fill it with rice or seeds (fenugreek seeds are good). As you half fill the jar visualize prosperity and abundance. Then every day add two more seeds to the jar, visualising prosperity as you do. When the jar is full bury the seeds whilst sending up a request to deity that your desire will be fulfilled.

You can also do this with a jar and your loose change, each time you drop a couple of coins in the jar visualize prosperity, every so often sprinkle in a few herbs that correspond with prosperity such as basil or mint. When the jar is full you can count it up and use it for something special. You can also decorate the jar with runes that symbolise prosperity and abundance.


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Rachel Patterson

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  1. Thanks for answering all my questions! I knew the recipe I found was too vague and found yours to be quite enlightening! Love this website and will be visiting often. I am using mine for protection and knew I should be charging the items, but “was” uncertain about which herbs would work. I am planning a full moon planting outside my front door. Thanks again.


    1. It is nice to know that I could be helpful. Good luck with your spell. This Full Moon coming up is a wonderful time for you to do it.
      Lady A


      1. I went ahead and did the spell on Moon’s Day as I didn’t want to wait any longer to protect my house and family. Any and all advice from you on further protection from a dark witch that’s already caused problems, the worst of it was the loss if my beloved dog. I have read a lot if different things I can do, but would love to get some advice from you. I am a solitary practitioner that’s a little rusty. Thank you again and have a blessed and fulfilling Imbolc. Love, Diana


      2. I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your dog. We form such an attachment to them that when they pass it is like losing a family member. Again I am very sorry for your loss. If I knew for sure that she caused my dear pet to pass, I would go after her in full fury, I am an animal nut, you might say. She definitely sounds dangerous. I hope you have blessed and protected the outside of your home. Walk around it with consecrated sea salt and say a little blessing or chant of protection as you go. Then when you are finished on the outside, come in the house and start your protection routine there. Yes, routine. She is a dangerous witch, I would repeat all of this for at least six months on every Full Moon or before if needed. When in the house, get you a protective incense(my favorite is dragon’s blood) and go from corner to corner, repeating the protective chant at each corner. If you are in a room that has an outside wall, lay your sea salt in that corner. All you do when you lay it is simple say the word, “protect.” Do the incense and salt(in rooms with outside walls) through out your home. Do not forget the threshold especially. Then put up a shield around yourself and your home. Then get prepared to send her evil intent back to her. Say something like, “Evil sent out now return from whence you came,” three times. The last time you say it, say, “Evil return from whence you came, three-fold over. So Mote It Be.” If that doesn’t work, send me a private email and I will give you a spell to take away her powers. It is a spell that I don’t won’t to publish here. But if someone hurt or killed one of my animals, I would skip all the protection rituals and go right straight for her jugular. Since you mentioned you are a bit rusty, start with the protection rituals I have suggested. If they don’t work or she is still bothering you, write me for the spell and I will gladly give it to you. I also forgot while you are going room to room ward your windows also. I would imagine after you start sending her nastiness back to her, you will see a big difference. If you need anything else, just holler.
        Luv & Hugs,
        Lady A
        Today would be a great day to do your protection ritual around and inside your home, by the way.


  2. Hello sisters love you suggestions very nice topics informative even.thank you very helpful


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